$1 Million Worth of Meth and a Stuffed Walter White Doll Found in Florida Home

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Life in Florida imitates art -- especially the kind of art that deals with drug dealing. Last week we noted a Miami cocaine shipping case that eerily mirrored the second season of The Wire. This week we bring you something of a real-life Breaking Bad. Well, at least it involves tons of meth and Walter White.

Yesterday, federal agents busted a meth den hidden inside an upscale home in the ritzy Lake Nona neighborhood in Orange County. After setting up surveillance, they pulled over Jose Calvillo shortly after he left the home and found $120,000 worth of meth in his truck.

Then they got a warrant, returned to the home, arrested Jose Martinez-Romero, and found another 80 pounds of meth hidden in a closet underneath some stairs.

That stash had an additional street value of $1 million. According to WFTV, all the meth found totaled 140,000 quarter-gram doses. That there's a lot of missing teeth and weird facial rotting ready to happen.

But that wasn't the oddest discovery. On the dashboard of a car parked in the driveway lay a stuffed doll of the Walter White character from meth-dealer drama Breaking Bad.

We'd say it's a gutsy move driving around with Walter White in your car when you're involved in actual meth trafficking. But then again, down here in Miami, coke dealers wearing Scarface shirts certainly isn't unheard of.

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People who are weak and can't compete turn to drugs.. The last rung of human existence.

Hilda Draschner
Hilda Draschner

People like u don't deserve to cope w/these situations, anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope to listen another video from People in Paris soon.


That's 35 kilos under the stairs. Looks like there is a new cook in town and he's dealing with idiots. 

Analys Romao
Analys Romao

Jorge Luis Romao Alves Ricardo Romao hahahaha!

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