Dennis Rodman in North Korea: 12 Ex-NBAers to Play There Soon

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It was just a few days ago that bloodthirsty North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un executed his uncle, who was a political rival. He has now whacked or dispatched with more than half the country's 200 leaders since taking power in 2011.

No worries. Miami weirdo and former NBA great Dennis Rodman arrived in that country today to prepare for a game he says will send 12 ex-NBAers there to play. Not long ago, Vice TV filmed Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters in the isolated Asian country for HBO. I guess none of these idiots has heard about North Korea's planned nuclear test.

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Interviewed at his hotel, Rodman told the Associated Press:

"I can't control what they do with their government. I can't control what they say or how they do things here," he said. "I'm just trying to come here as a sports figure and try to hope I can open the door for a lot of people in the country."

Rodman told a reporter that he plans to set up a game with the dozen former NBA players but declined to name the roster.

Rodman has struck up a weird relationship with the North Koreans that has given pause to many U.S. diplomats. Kim Jong-un has been particularly brutal, expanding the prison camp system and preparing nuclear armageddon faster than virtually any of his predecessors.

Rodman, meanwhile, prefers strip clubs and bizarre comments back home. He even ran into a group including my wife not long ago in Aventura and made a crack about one of her friends "opening her legs" too often.

Just a gem, this guy.

His latest tweet (from last month):

There's no date set for the game yet. "North Korea has given me the opportunity to bring these players and their families over here so people can actually see that this country is actually not as bad as people project it to be in the media," he told the AP.

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Geoff Paugam
Geoff Paugam

Don't worry...when the North Korean team loses to Rodman's team...they will all be executed! LoL

Rachelle Beresh
Rachelle Beresh

Haha Danny I totally know what you are taking about.


"Dennis Fonda". Met him about 15 years ago at Mango's on SoBe, the guy is a douche-bag.

Danny Seigel
Danny Seigel

Somebody should warn the North Korean bartenders and servers, anybody who's had the distinct, "pleasure" of serving him will back me on this.


Yeah, a friend of mine teabagged him after getting a blumpkin from his girl. He was not too happy

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