Floridians Lead the States in Accidentally Destroying Their iPhones This Year

Let's have a moment of silence for all our dearly departed smart phones.

Because, apparently, in Florida there were a lot that left us this year. According to Squaretrade's annual "Clumsiest States Index," Florida led the states in damaging and destroying iPhones this year. (Well, technically Washington, D.C., came in first place, but that's not even a state.)

SquareTrade, a company that offers gadget protection plans, compared the states by the rate at which their citizens report damage and accidents involving iPhones. The data was taken from October 2012 to September 2013.

Florida's second-place rating is up from 21st last year. According to the Miami Herald, there's been a 99% increase of reported iPhone accidents in the state this year.

As one would expect, a lot of Florida iPhones experience a moist demise.

"We see a lot of claims in Florida regarding pools and beach activity," Jessica Hoffman, SquareTrade's director of corporate communications, told the Herald. "I think people forget that it doesn't take a full submersion to ruin a phone. Even a pretty insignificant spill can do it."

Apparently, the old trick of putting your phone in rice for a few days doesn't work in all cases.

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Are people here too dumb to configure bluetooth in their modern cars?  They already have poor driving skills.

Jenni Warjas Morales
Jenni Warjas Morales

Either that or they lead the state in insurance fraud, in order to remit the used phones to South America, Central America & The Caribbean

Andrew Wyman
Andrew Wyman

I dropped mine 7x. Each time with case on.

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