Florida Student Suspended After Twerking Incident Sets Off Fire Alarm

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via WSVN
Twerk game so strong it set off fire alarms? That booty friction making smoke?

Nah, twerk game so weak, kid slipped and accidentally hit the fire alarm. SMH.

Yeah, a sixth grader over in Naples got suspended two weeks ago after a #TwerkFail ended in the fire department arriving.

According to WZVN, an unidentified male student at North Naples Middle School decided to perform a form of Twerking in a classroom also known as "Expressing Yourself." The twerker stands on his hands, props feet against a wall, and shakes that booty. Sadly, he messed up while doing so and his foot hit the classroom's fire alarm.

"When his feet were against the wall, his foot slipped," fellow sixth-grader Ashley Murillo told the station. "The fire department came and teachers were all over the place."

Interestingly however, the school claims the boy was suspended not for twerking, but for an incident that occurred afterwards. The school wouldn't elaborate.

The fallout has been swift. North Naples Middle has officially declared itself a No Twerking Zone. In fact, now any student caught twerking can be suspended. Though, we think the problem in this particular case is not that students are Twerking in the first place, but that they don't know how to Twerk correctly. Maybe like Sex Ed, you just have to assume kids are going to do it anyway, so you might as well teach them the safest way to go about it.

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Victor Runciman
Victor Runciman

What? I guess if Pat Robertson disagrees/disapproves of anything that now becomes law?

Sam Ira
Sam Ira

Christine Collins Pontaah Arbtan Maggie Bridges Carrie Ellsworth Danielle Faure Dena Holliday Christine Aylor


Administrators should focus more on other stuff like bullying or teaching rather than twerking ..oh wait our awesome state worries more about FCAT scores rather than an actual education....keep twetking!


tweak your article.. so it says twerking instead of tweaking

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