Heat's Haslem, Birdman and Miller are Now Underwear Models

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Well, Miami is about to have a former Armani underwear model as a professional sports team owner, so we guess it only makes sense that some of our current athletes would model some mens' underthings.

It's not quite Beckham on the beach in briefs, but the Heat's Chris "Birdman" Anderson, Udonis Haslem, and former player Mike Miller are featured in the new campaign for PSD underwear.

See, Birdman has struck a deal with PSD to release a signature line of underthings featuring designs from his tattoos. Apparently he's recruited teammates, both past and present, to star in the ad campaign.

Though, they all adhere to the "keep your pants on" school of underwear modeling, probably for the better.

Former Heat role player and current Memphis Grizzly Mike Miller is featured in the campaign with his two sons.

If only we would have known about this before Christmas. Who wouldn't want designs inspired by Bridman's tattoos snuggling their junk?

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