Logan Morrison, Marlins' Twitter Superstar, Traded to Mariners: His Best Tweets

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The Marlins have traded first baseman Logan Morrison to the Seattle Mariners. At this point, most Miamians react to anything the Marlins do with a collective shrug, but this --THIS!-- is different. We're losing not only a first baseman but also a local Twitter superstar.

In fact, Morrison's tweet addiction once landed him on the cover of this very publication. So it seems fitting to send him off with a collection of his best tweets. Goodbye, @LoMoMarlins. Have fun as @LoMoMariners.

On the Washington Nationals' underaged superstar Bryce Harper:

On Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen's own tweet game:

On dating:

On bathroom graffiti:

Coining the name for his fan base, #LoMoSexuals:

On fantasy baseball:

On Justin Bieber:

On marine science:

On reaching out to fans with medical conditions:

Not technically his tweet, but still one of the best things LoMo ever said:

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Kenny Southwell
Kenny Southwell

Did they get any value with the trade or was it the usual salary dump?


Salary dump and the Marlins aren't used in the same sentence very often ? Well it was after the 1997 WS team was dismantled, the 2003 WS team went FA  and got their contracts done elsewhere and after they became the Miami Marlins in year 2, they dumped their payroll. Last season they were one of the least compensated again. I think they were just as bad as when they paid players in 2012. 69-93 in 2012, 62-100 in 2013, guess 2012 was their worst season ever until they played last season. Oh wait, 1998 they were 54-108. 2012 was thier 4th worst season ever.

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