Ray Allen Will Wear "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Heat Jersey

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The most anticipated merchandising ploy of the NBA season is almost upon us: The Miami Heat will soon debut its "nickname" jerseys that will swap out, well, nicknames for the players' last names on the back of their jerseys. Knicks fan Spike Lee, of all people, apparently got one of the first looks, and Ray Allen will wear "J. Shuttlesworth" on the back of his jersey, an homage to the character he played in Lee's 1998 film He Got Game.

We were hoping for "3 Point Jesus," but this is good enough.

The Heat will debut the jerseys January 21 versus Boston and wear them again March 12 versus Brooklyn and April 8 against Brooklyn. The Nets are the only other team that will experiment with nickname jerseys this season.

According to previous reports, LeBron James is expected to have "King James" on his back, and Shane Battier is going with "Shaneo." No word yet on what the rest of the team will go with.

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Smart Alex
Smart Alex

these are the reasons its called creative marketing / yet it'll only work within a franchise where their fans are creative enough to understand that being successful is as much about having fun while going for the goal..

Sean Huertas
Sean Huertas

So will denzel washington be playing the dad on the courtside seats?


Doesn't matter what any of the other jerseys are, J. Shuttlesworth is the winner and will be the top seller.

Jonathan Gilman
Jonathan Gilman

These are the reasons why I understand people that hate the Heat

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