The Eleven Best South Florida Sports Moments of 2013

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The mere mention of a specific year can mean so much to a sports fan. Say 1986 to a Mets fan, they think Bill Buckner. In Boston, 2004 will always be the year the Red Sox broke the "Curse of the Bambino." Here in South Florida, 1972 might as well read "Undefeated."

Good or bad, a memorable sports moment from a particular year acts like a bookmark in your mind, reminding you where you were and who you were with when it happened. In Miami, 2013 had its ups and downs ... well, really one HUGE up, and a lot of little, very predictable, not so memorable downs. The Miami Heat capped off one of the most exciting playoff runs in NBA History with a seven-game, emotionally draining back-and-forth NBA Finals victory over the San Antonio Spurs -- their second title in a row, and third in franchise history.

That was the good. That was the unforgettable. The bad? The Dolphins, Panthers, and Marlins all missed the playoffs, mostly in all too familiar epic fail fashion.

That was bad. Nobody is remembering their 2013.

Outside of the Heat, there wasn't a lot of winning going on in South Florida in 2013, but that doesn't mean there weren't any memorable moments. Hell, I'm sure even Lamar Odom and Khloe had some good times before it all went downhill.

Without further ado, your Top 2013 South Florida Sports Moments. Goodbye 2013, hello 2014.

11. LeBron rejects Tiago Splitter in the NBA Finals
Really, you could pick ten moments JUST from last June's NBA Finals, but this is high on that list. The play turned into a Ray Allen three that pushed the Heat lead to 22 in Game Two of the Finals. It was a game the Heat had to have after losing Game One. They got it, it was awesome. Tiago Splitter was never heard from again. His parents are probably worried.

10. Giancarlo Stanton gives your Mom a Monster Dong
Mike Stanton had a sub-par season, but he did have a few Giancarlo moments, and this Mother's Day walk-off grand slam was the best of them. It's always awesome when Rich and Tommy lose it like they just got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

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