Year In Review: From Incognito to Zimmerman, 2013 Was the Year of the Bully in Florida

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Every December, a New Times staff writer considers the year's biggest stories and tries to draw a theme out of another twelve months of Sunshine State insanity. Here's what Michael Miller took from 2013 in this week's cover story:

More than any year in recent memory, 2013 was dominated by bullies like Richie Incognito. From Gov. Rick Scott to rogue neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, corrupt politicians to bad cops and even worse criminals, steroidal sports stars to scamming team owners, 2013 was the year that Florida's Freudian id came roaring back in full force.

This was the Year of the Bully.

Before you say farewell to 2013, take a few minutes to relive all the ups, downs and WTFlorida moments through our year in review -- an epic, property-damaging exercise in letter writing with Incognito, the Bully in Chief.

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Yes, there was a bully in the Zimmerman/Martin case, but it was not Zimmerman. Martin was the bully when he tried to play the Knock-Out game on a stranger he assumed was a "crazy a**-cracka."

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