Yuliana Avalos, Miami Bikini Model Suing Match.com for $1.5 Billion, Has Shady Online Connections

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Late last month, an ebony-haired Miami bikini model twice materialized on the cover of the New York Daily News. "Match.con," the first headline screamed beside a picture of Yuliana Avalos posing languidly in a brown bathing suit. The next day was even more salacious: "Death Match," the cover bellowed.

Both stories described Avalos' whopper of a lawsuit. In federal court in Manhattan, she sued the online monolith Match.com for a staggering sum of $1.5 billion because nearly 200 fake profiles operated by foreign scam artists in Africa had featured photos of her.

Those profiles were used to bamboozle vulnerable, lovesick men by asking them to please send the pretty lady thousands of dollars for things she needed. One man in New York spent $50,000 and then killed himself when he realized he'd been scammed.

The story had it all -- social relevance, sex appeal, and an evil corporation to hate. Avalos' tale was aggregated and re-reported across the nation, including in New Times.

But new revelations have now surfaced. Despite Avalos' allegations, she herself has a rather shady identity online -- and some people allege that she, in fact, sold her pictures to the very scam artists she's claiming exploited her.

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Avalos, in YouTube video after video, is a vociferous and very awkward saleswoman of something called the Motor Club of America -- which looks like a classic pyramid scheme. Ostensibly, the club is similar to AAA, but in reality, it's an organization dependent upon widening its number of members, who pay $40 to join and then turn over a portion of their recruiting profits to whomever recruited them.

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drakemallard topcommenter

Is anybody online the real person they say they are?
Naked pics online? That's disgusting. On a website? There's so many of them though. Where? Which one? - 


Tony Miller
Tony Miller

You can't put yourself all over the internet and then hold the internet accountable. Enjoy the 15 min. Pose nude. Disappear.

Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

Well gosh darn it to heck...there goes THAT lawsuit! I bet it's gonna turn out SHE set up them fake profiles too!! Guess shel'll be chillin' with Dayna Morales at Score sometime soon!! RFLMAO

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