World's Worst Babysitter Gets Wasted, Passes Out in Cold While Holding 2-Year-Old, Then Smiles for Mugshot

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Candace Long just wanted to party. It was her birthday, after all. And she wasn't going to let her babysitting job -- or the frigid temperatures Florida had plunged into -- stop her. Indeed, even after her solitary party had ended, and she was in cuffs for child neglect, she was still ready to go, grinning from ear to ear.

Candace Long has just turned 28. And she might be the world's worst babysitter.

The Volusia County woman's troubles with minors began in 2005 when she was charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, county court records show. (The disposition of that case wasn't clear.) In 2009, she was picked up again, this time for allegedly issuing a worthless check -- a charge that wasn't prosecuted.

Then things began to pick up steam, according to criminal records. In 2012, she was jailed for a night on charges of burglarizing an unoccupied building and criminal neglect. Last year, she vacuumed up a grab bag of additional charges -- battery, disorderly intoxication, battery of a law enforcement officer, trespassing, resisting arrest without violence, and disorderly intoxication (again).

With a rap sheet like this, there was really only one job she could snare without divulging her prolific past: babysitting. Last week -- just in time for her 28th birthday -- the mercury plunged to freezing, and Long picked up a job for the night. And while the father went to run errands, Long began to party.

Hours later, a neighbor named Tom Fordham ventured outside his Daytona Beach house to find a blond-haired, chubby-cheeked woman who had a nasty bruise swelling against her right eye. The woman was unconscious, and she was holding a 2-year-old child, who was shoeless and soaked in urine.

He called the cops: "The kid's not dressed for this weather," he told dispatchers.

When police arrived, they roused Long, who could neither identify the boy, explain why her face was bruised, nor what had happened. All she said: It was her birthday. And it was time to party.

She was charged with neglect of a child and remains in Indian Lake Jail, where she's still smiling.

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frankd4 topcommenter

......................i think the better question would be HOW does the father leave the baby with this animal in the first place ?

RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE for babysitters to $25 per hour

(i personally used to question friends who left their kids with the cheapest possible alternative and wonder why they would protect their cars and material possessions better than their own kids - they wouldn't lend their cars to these babysitters but it was like "yeah, here take my kids !")

Deb Ray Uh
Deb Ray Uh

It's a scary world out there! I can't imagine what it feels like but I once babysat and I took great care of those kids. You have to trust your judge of character. I'm sure the site will greatly reduce chances of getting train wrecks like her!

Angela Cavanagh
Angela Cavanagh

Deb Ray Uh -- I have a profile on, but it's still difficult to entrust someone to watch your child... this is just too crazy!

Deb Ray Uh
Deb Ray Uh

If you go to sites like sitter you can find people who have elected to do background checks, have references and history. That girl is despicable!

Angela Cavanagh
Angela Cavanagh

Eddie Leonardo--I'm petrified of something like this!


I'd give this dunce another black eye to match her first one!

Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

Kryzie King just might let your fla. ditz out in the cold for that crown!!!

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