Charlie Crist and Rick Scott Statistically Tied in Latest Poll

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Maybe this governor's race isn't totally over before it even began. Back in August, when Public Policy Polling asked Floridians whether they plan to vote for Charlie Crist or Rick Scott, Crist had a 12-point lead. Now, for its first poll in the new year, PPP has found Crist's lead has shrunk to just two points. That's within the margin of error and is a statistical tie.

Crist's lead is now 43-41. That's thanks in part to the fact that Republicans who had seemed wary about Scott back in August are now coming back into his base of support. This is Florida though. We're no stranger to close elections. Crist's mega-lead was never going to hold.

Meanwhile, the poll also found that Attorney General Pam Bondi holds only a narrow lead over little-known Democratic challengers. She's up two points against Perry Thurston, and three points over George Sheldon. Those two will face off in the Democratic primary.

The poll also questioned voters on a number of issues:

  • 65 percent said the Obamacare rollout was unsuccessful, compared to 35 percent who found it successful.
  • 73 percent said guns shouldn't be allowed in movie theaters, compared to 27 percent who approved.
  • 67 percent were against Congress cutting longterm unemployment benefits.
  • Gay marriage is supported by a plurality of Floridians, 47-44.
  • Medical marijuana is extremely popular, with a 65-23 split.

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  • "Medical marijuana is extremely popular, with a 65-23 split"
  • Can Rick and/or Pam read? Do they not see what a majority of Florida voters want?
  • Either they're serving the people or they're fronting for special interest groups. I'ma turning in my Republican ticket for someone that makes sense.

  • .


Many people of Florida felt that they were sold a lemon in the name of Rick Scott and now Floridians want to re-elect him again? Fool Florida once, shame on Rick Scott, fool Florida twice, shame on Florida. If Florida re-elects Rick Scott, then Florida will get what it truly deserves and I will have no sympathy and I don't ever want to hear any more complaints about Scott.

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

I'll vote for whoever is going to legalize weed

Dean Stelmach
Dean Stelmach

The Crist campaign hasn't really started. The Dems have to ease Nan Rich out of the race first. From what I hear it's a bit prickly because Rich had already declared for the race.

Tanya Shaw
Tanya Shaw

Voting for Adrian wyllie you should have included him In this poll

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Whoaaaaaa way to break down the poll numbers Kyle!

"73 percent said guns shouldn't be allowed in movie theaters, compared to 27 percent who approved."

Gotta love knee jerk reactions to recent events


Only the mentally ill or extremely ignorant (heavy intersection there I suppose) would vote for Rick Scott

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@DontWannaGetSickStick a fork in it you mooch.  Crist is fodder.

Not a big fan of the Scott myself but even he is better than any Tax, Spend, Regulate, Democrat. 

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