Crack-Dealing Miami Cop Raul Iglesias Accused of Harassing Witness Online

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Former Miami Police Sgt. Raul Iglesias is serving his four-year prison sentence for dirty deeds done under the badge, but now he's been charged with more crimes after he posted phone calls on YouTube and a police-centric message board in an attempt to intimidate and harass witnesses in his case.

Iglesias was arrested in part of an FBI sting in 2012. He was suspected of planting cocaine on suspects and stealing money and drugs from crack dealers (and in turn selling those drugs).

Other Miami officers were integral witnesses in the case, and their involvement created something of a rift between Miami cops who thought they were snitches and those who thought the force should be cleaned up.

According to the Miami Herald, Iglesias started something of an online campaign to smear and intimidate the officers who testified against him. He uploaded two phone conversations he'd had with the officers, who at the time were his subordinates, on and the LEO Affairs website just two days before he began his prison sentence. He titled the posts "Miami Mice," and uploaded them under the name "Chivas Royal."

The judge in the original case had ordered that the recordings be protected from disclosure.

He now finds himself hit with new charges of criminal contempt and retaliating against witnesses, which could get him up to life in prison. He'll be transfefred from a South Carolina prison to Miami-Dade to make his initial court appearance January 16.

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I personally knew Iglesias at one time, as a Marine. This does not sound like the Marine I knew. It's good to read comments crediting the positive side of a friend of my past. Those comments seem to be similar from ones I have read on other sites.


Read this for evidence...and get the truth, not what the media is feeding you. If you knew Raul you would know his situation is more like the "A Team." He is a true American Hero and killed and almost died bleeding out in the streets of Miami. And this is how he is repaid.


I hate crooked cops too, and this indeed a story about crooked cops, but he is not the one. He was the one that was trying to get rid of them and get them replaced with good cops. So they framed him with weak evidence, only testimony. No physical evidence.


Raul is a decorated US Marine for acts of heroism for protecting his team under heavy machine gun and sniper fire. He also is the recipient of a Miami Police Medal of Honor for saving a toddler moments before a drug addict was going to kill her, he also received a Purple Heart for being shot and almost killed undercover. The 3 cops that he allegedly "harassed" were crooked and he simply was trying to let people know that. He is in prison based solely on the testimony of liars. There is NO physical evidence. When he tried to get the evidence tested for DNA, it was destroyed by the police department 5 months after the investigation began. Now anytime he tries to let people know the truth he is attacked as if he is the one doing the harassing. He is only trying to clear his name. Those cops are CONFIRMED to be corrupt and he wanted the citizens of Miami to know it. Thats all. If you were in prison and knew you were innocent and had proof to prove your innocence wouldn't you? I sure would. Thats what Raul was doing, thats all.

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