Fight To Legalize Beer Growlers and Beer Tastings in Florida Heads Back to Tallahassee

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Last year, an attempt to rewrite Florida law to legalize beer growlers went nowhere fast in the state legislature. But with the craft beer industry continuing to grow in Florida, lawmakers are going to give it another shot. This year, another related bill would also legalize beer tastings, which are technically illegal in Florida as well.

Florida's beer container laws, which date back to the Prohibition era, state that beer can only be sold in container of a gallon or more or 32 ounces or less. In most states craft beer breweries regularly sell their products in half-gallon containers known as growlers.

Though a vote on whether to legalize growlers was postponed yesterday, senators promised to bring the bill back. Still, beer fanatics still have reason to celebrate.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the Senate Regulated Industries Committee advanced a bill yesterday that would legalize beer tastings.

"It doesn't make sense to me you can have wine tastings and not beer tastings," Sen. Nancy Detert (R - Venice), told the paper. Adding, "Craft beer seems to be a growth industry in Florida."

Though, the alcohol industry is still concerned over the wording of where beer tastings could actually be held and who could hold them. The bill, as written, would allow only licensed distributors and vendors to sponsor samplings, but the craft beer industry would also like to extend the right to actual breweries.

The bill is expected to have amendments added before it makes it to the Senate floor.

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Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

Way to go South Florida. More alcohol. Just what this city needs. And yet why can't we legalize marijuana?? This state is a fucking joke and I can't wait till I leave it

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

I'm against this, it's all about money and we all know how many drunks hit cycists here in Miami, FL. People's rights to party and get drunk supercede common sense and safety of anyone else. Prohibition doesn't work, but let's make those that sell this much beer to an idiot that can't handle their addiction responsible ? I mean if you can profit from it, there's nothing wrong with that. But when it goes wrong, step up and pay for what was their hand in it. Really no excuse for brewing it, bottling it, distributing it and then claiming they had no idea they served someone that was already tanked up beyond need for another 12 oz can of it ?

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