Florida State Wins the National Championship

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Jameis Winston passes to Kelvin Benjamin, and the FSU Seminoles win the national title. What a game Winston had, and what a comeback!

FSU trailed virtually the whole game but came back with a 100-yard kick return and then the pass to the six-foot, 234-pound Benjamin to put the team ahead for the win.

The Noles beat Auburn 34 to 31, outscoring the Tigers 24 to 10 in the second half.

The win capped an amazing year for the Noles, who faced few challenges throughout the year. Though Winston was accused of rape in 2012, the case was dropped this past December because of insufficient evidence.

Florida State was a big favorite going into the championship but didn't look like it in the first half.

Auburn is from the SEC, which includes the University of Florida, and had won seven consecutive national championships.

"God did this," Winston said after the game.

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DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

CNN analysis: Some college athletes play like adults, read like 5th-graders Why is anyone surprised by this? Did you see the interviews during the last round of BCS games... how many interviews had you watching lips move but not being able to understand what they were saying? It is a real tragedy that we put more emphasis on athletic skills rather than learning. These kids come out of college ill prepared for life and when injury or diminished athletic skills due to age strikes, they end up broke because no one taught them how to manage their money. They can't get a job because they never finished college or a 4 year major in basket weaving doesn't take you to far. It really is a tragedy that we should all be concerned and ashamed over.


Lex Dillinger
Lex Dillinger

Thanks for clearing up that they won "in football"

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