Heat Beats Celtics: Joel Anthony Makes Tough Guys Cry

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In what is becoming a trend, the Heat once again Tuesday night played a game you would like to punt into a canal, jump in after it, drag it to the bottom, and put it under a rock like an alligator.

Except they won this time, 93-86. Yeah, the Celtics are sucky, but a win is a win, right?

LeBron James led the way with 29 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and zero totally awesome highlights that would probably be in the place of these words. Bosh started 6-7, finishing with 15, while Birdman chipped in a bench high 13. That's it -- nobody else was in double figures. It's a really good thing they played the Celtics.

Play of the Game

B-Easy from way downtown fruitcake bang. I burst out laughing when this went in -- Beasley just makes me so happy. Beasley had it going in limited action, scoring nine points in 13 minutes on 4-6 shooting. With Oden playing again Tuesday, Birdman thriving, and Ray Allen moving back to the bench when Wade plays, you can really see the Miami bench coming into true form.

Before the game, there was an epic "Beasley being Beasley" moment.

He just makes me happy.

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