Jeb Bush's Mom Doesn't Think He Should Run For Prez; Jeb Strikes Back

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Former First Lady Barbara Bush is no stranger to speaking her mind, and when it comes to rumors that her second son, Jeb, might run for president, she's not afraid to make her opinion public. She just straight up doesn't think he should do it.

It's not the first time she's made such remarks, but this time Jeb struck back. He subtweeted his own mother!

Speaking on C-SPAN, Mrs. Bush said that there should be more families than just the Kennedys, Clintons and Bushes churning out presidents, and instead urged her own family to serve the public in other ways than public office.

"There are a lot of ways to serve and being president is not the only one," she said. "I would hope that someone else would run, although there is no question in my mind that Jeb is the best qualified person to run for president."

"But I hope he won't," she added, "because I think he'll get all of my enemies, all his brothers, all... and there are other families."

Here's the clip in full:

Jeb Bush himself apparently caught wind of the remarks and tweeted this last night:

This isn't the first time Mrs. Bush has made such remarks. In an interview with the Today show back in April, she took the same track, stating, "There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough Bushes."

For the record, Mother's Day this year is on May 11th.

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Carol Sue Gershman
Carol Sue Gershman

too bad she didn't stop George Jr. I wrote to her back then and told her to stop him.... now she listens

Leigh Bandy-Ramirez
Leigh Bandy-Ramirez

Despite what anyone's opinion is of the Bush family, Mrs. B. Bush has always been a classy lady.

Sayad Khan
Sayad Khan

Old money is what is wrong with this country. These guys have made their cut, but now their shenanigans are harming us as a whole, rather than simply profiting for them.

Frank Ponch Torres
Frank Ponch Torres

Who's dirtier the Bushes or the Kennedys??? About the same and anyone who keeps on praising a Kennedy after their "garbage" is out in the open, should have a frontal lobotomy. The Kennedys know about these, too.

Noah Greene
Noah Greene

The bushs should NEVER compare themselves to the Kennedy's

Sergio F. Maldonado
Sergio F. Maldonado

Because she knows that after the mess that Dubbya left us in, no other Bush will be elected again!!

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

People are sick of the Bush family brand and the world is moving away from them.

This is the kind of republican that makes the party undesirable

bush family= endless war in iraq

Dick Cheney had a different view of invading Iraq in 1994, as evident in this discussion of the first Iraq war, a war where he was the Secretary
of Defense.

After you take down Saddam Hussain's government, he asks, "then what are you gonna put in its place? That's a very volatile part of the world, and if you take down the central government in Iraq, you can easily end up seeing pieces of Iraq fly off... it's a quagmire ... if you try to take over Iraq... How many additional American causalities was Saddam worth? Our judgment was not very many, and I think we got it right."

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