Jeff Ireland Is Gone, and Twitter Reacts With Utter Glee

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We came here today to bury GM Jeff Ireland's time with the Dolphins, not to praise him. Well, actually we came here to relentlessly mock him on Twitter. After years of the #Fireland hashtag breaking out on the social networking site just about anytime the Dolphins did anything wrong (which was often), the fan base's wildest dreams have come true. Ireland and the team have mutually agreed to part ways.

Of course #MutuallyAgreeToPartWaysland doesn't make such a great hashtag, but Twitter had a fun time responding to the news.

First there were just explosions of utter glee:

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DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Dolphins can't will a superbowl since 1975.

Matt Bourie
Matt Bourie

of course leave it to omar kelly to defend that asshat

Joe Matos
Joe Matos

Sad??? Bars should have Jeff Ireland parties going on right now. A celebration of him leaving the dolphins

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