Watch Local Detective Deliver Disturbing Anti-Gay Lecture: "They Could Be Anywhere. And We Will Catch You."

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For proof of the incredible trajectory that South Florida's gays have charted from bane of the faux-righteous to triumphant members of society -- look no further than this video.

In a clip that's somehow manages to be terrifying, disturbing, and funny for all the wrong reasons, Dade County Detective John Sorenson of the Orwellian "Morals and Juvenile Squad" addresses a 1960s gathering of Florida's youth. In less than a minute he lets all the baby-faced members of that cadre know that they really, really better not be gay.

Because he will find them.

The clip, which was first unearthed in the PBS documentary, Stonewall Uprising, doesn't mark the only time the gays got Sorenson all hot and bothered.

In April of 1996, Channel 4 aired a documentary called the "Homosexual," which was directed against "the homosexual child molester and toward the parent who never thought it could happen to his or her son." Sorenson was also a dominant voice in that documentary.

Just to make sure everyone knew, once again, that if they "turn queer" -- which apparently happens to one out of three of us -- that "the rest of [his or her] life will be a living hell."

Yep, because this sure looks like hell:

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Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

You people realize this happened 50 years ago, right?


You're reaching. This was the status quo 50 years ago. So was segregation.

Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

Thankfully we led live in the united states and have a freedom of speech and are not forced to listen to others opions

Rico Garcia
Rico Garcia

Criticism only matters if he is held accountable.

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