14 Hilarious Justin Bieber Memes From Last Night

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We can all agree the media carnival that was Justin Bieber's arrest and jail visit was profoundly irrelevant.

A congresswoman talking about the NSA was booted off MSNBC yesterday to make room for "breaking" Justin Bieber news. I live in Miami Beach -- just blocks from the Bieber debacle -- and even now helicopters are flying over my house, scouring the streets for any scrap of Bieber gossip. It's absurd. It's hilarious. It's saddening. It's time, our national consciousness said last night, to make memes.

See also: Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami Beach on Charges of Drag Racing, Failing a Sobriety Test



Adolph Hitler reacts to Justin Bieber's arrest:




This guy:

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Tu Madre
Tu Madre

Matt Hirschenbein here ya go!

Fulano De Tal
Fulano De Tal

Why are you contributing to this fool? You guys shoukdve even mentiong this whatever the fuck he is.

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

The guy with the rant wins the internet for January.

Luisy VWater
Luisy VWater

i think people forgot to post TBTs cause of bieber fever lol what a circus!!!

Bradley Tuyn
Bradley Tuyn

He's worth $150 Million. Who's really laughing?

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