LeBron James Walks Into a Bar... and Gets Carded

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Did you hear the one about how a LeBron James walks into a bar? The punchline is he got carded.

Despite being one of the most famous athletes in the world, despite his beard, and despite (sorry, sorry) that hairline, James was still asked for ID to prove he was over 21 this past Friday while trying to watch the Orange Bowl at an Orlando bar.

From the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson:

LeBron James, who is eight years above the legal drinking limit at 29, was carded at an Orlando hotel bar Friday night while watching the Orange Bowl.

James didn't tell the employee who he was but was surprised to be carded. "Look at my beard!" he said.

And this from Bleacher Report's Ethan J. Skolnick:

When you're one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, it must be a shock to have someone ask you for proof of identification. Especially at a bar that regularly shows sports on its TVs. Though, maybe the bartender was under strict instructions to card everyone... or maybe he's just a Magic fan.

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lol! I think the bartender meant it as a joke ;)

ילנה וצ'יצ'
ילנה וצ'יצ'

by law you need to ID everyone, who cares are you famous or not, that is a MUST!

Jorge Larrea
Jorge Larrea

First story about someone doing their job. Good stuff

Chris S. Kilibarda
Chris S. Kilibarda

The reason that this happened are the asinine drinking laws in this country. In most states, anyone who does not 'look' 40 is supposed to be carded. If you don't and the cops send them in as part of a 'sting' not only the store or bar but also the individual server can be fined $1000's...

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