Miami Unemployment Drops to 6.8 Percent, Florida's Down to 6.2 Percent

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New unemployment numbers are out for the state of Florida, and Gov. Rick Scott is trumpeting Miami specifically. Unemployment in the county has dropped 2.3 percent year-over-year, from 9.1 percent in December 2012 to 6.8 percent in 2013.

That represents a total gain of 22,900 jobs.

"These 22,900 new jobs mean Florida's families are getting back to work and Miami's economy is gaining momentum," Scott said in a press release. "The over the year unemployment rate decrease and job growth in the Miami metro area demonstrates that our job-creating policies and innovative initiatives are working."

Meanwhile, Florida's state-wide unemployment level are down to 6.2 percent from 6.4 percent the previous month.

While there's no doubt jobs are being created, both lowered rates are also in part do to people leaving the working force and indicating that they've given up on finding a job all together.

In fact, Miami Dade's work force stood at 1,308,588 in December 2012, and has shrunk to 1,286,633 in 2013.

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DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

The drop in unemployment is partially due to people who stopped looking for work.Gov. Rick Scott has staked his political future on his ability to bring jobs to Florida, but the first comprehensive review of his efforts shows few successes and hundreds of unfulfilled promises. Since taking office in 2011, Scott has pledged $266 million in tax breaks and other incentives in return for 45,258 new jobs. But 96 percent of the jobs have yet to materialize, according to a Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald review of 342 job-creation deals that involve various tax breaks.porters spent more than six months examining publicly available information on 342 jobs deals crafted since Scott took office. The Herald and Times also requested information from the state Department of Economic Opportunity, an agency Scott created in 2011 to oversee incentive programs.

The detailed report documents a series of instances in which the Republican governor tried to implement his job-creation ideas, to no avail. “For hundreds of other projects, the state website that tracks jobs data, Florida, shows the same number of jobs created during Scott’s tenure: Scott’s office said the jobs are still expected to materialize eventually, arguing that it’ll just take more time. Whether Floridians are inclined to give their unpopular governor more time remains to be seen, though I suspect Charlie Crist and other in-state Democrats will make this a key campaign issue over the next 11 months.

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Miami unemployment is hovering over 15+% Underpaids is something else, if they allow the Staffing Agency cancer spread as it did in New England.

Najsoj Osnola
Najsoj Osnola

those statistics only count unemployed people that are actively looking for dosent count unemployed people that have given up looking for work.

Michael J. Aceti
Michael J. Aceti

What they fail to show is that for those that returned to work in Florida are receiving a fraction of what they are worth. Employers have taken advantage of the downturn and the long time unemployed in Florida are caught between low wages and even lower unemployment benefits. This will bite the employers in the end.

Roxana Gosney
Roxana Gosney

I agree some people gave up for unemployment checks. But hopefully the Economy gets better!!!

Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony

the numbers reflect new filings for unemployment, not those already receiving, so in reality, the numbers are 6.2% higher over those already in the system

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