Real Housewife Made Rosie O'Donnell Flee Star Island

Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein and her husband Dr. Lenny "Boob God" Hochstien are currently in a war with preservations to tear down a historic Star Island mansion and build the party house of their dreams, but they've already deprived Star Island of another icon: Rosie O'Donnell.

The former talk show host was a guest on the Paul & Young Ron Morning Show and explained why she recently sold her own Star Island mansion for $16.5 million earlier this year after 18 years of calling the place home.

"We were on Star Island," O'Donnell explained. "And it was getting a little crazy with all those tour boats and that Miami Show ...The Beverly ...The Mom of Miami, whatever it is, Housewives."

She explains a realtor approached her about selling the home, and Rosie gave her six months. The home was sold in time, and Rosie and her family decided to move to far sleepier Sarasota instead.

The Hochsteins bought a home just three lots down from O'Donnell and her young children. They've been in a battle for years now with preservations and Miami Beach politicians as to whether or not they're allowed to tear down the 1925 historic mansion that currently sits on the property.

Most recently they held a Halloween party at the mansion where they desecrated the interiors with fake blood splatter. The party also featured a black Jesus bound to a crucifix, hints of devil worship, and a bloody zombie thing giving "birth" to a stillborn baby.

Does this mean they're literally the neighbors from hell?

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Are you sure you did not intend to type "decorated"?

How do you desecrate a place that is not sacred in the first place?

Isn't that what most people do for Halloween?

Besides, it's their freaking house!!


When even a hardcore dyke runs away from Star Island, it must be a toilet bowl of human garbage. 


Anything that makes O'Donnell "flee" is a good least for those from the area she's fleeing from.


That island has a nightclub on it.  Daily rentals and hotel service.  She fled because she knew the real story about that island.  Very respectful of her not to spill the true beans. 

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Dude.  Proofread.  Isn't that part of your job?  How are you still employed?


@MiamiBeachCrack What IS the real story of the island, oh President of the Fat Rosefed O'Donuts fan club? Why the hell would you defend that loud mouthed side of beef?


@HarryTheHandyman What was incorrect about the story, besides the fact that it featured that wretched one?

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