Richie Incognito: "I'm Going to Shoot You and Claim Self-Defense"

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In response to Jonathon Martin's first interview after leaving the Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito's lawyers have released 40 pages of text messages between the pair to certain media outlets.

Some of the texts don't make Incognito look too good, including a joke about how he'd shoot Martin and get away with it because "I'm white ur black."

However, Martin would hit back, and in one message he promised to kill Incognito's entire family.

Other messages show that Martin and Incognito communicated after Martin left the team, and Incognito seemed genuinely concerned.

From CBS Miami:

Incognito and Martin were exchanging messages on December 17, 2012 and were going to go out together. At one point in the exchange, Martin told Incognito, "Ima egg your house & light a bag of s*** on fire then ring your doorbell."
Incognito responded, "I'm going to shoot you and claim self defense. I'm white ur black I'll walk."

Martin responded, "I'm gonna give McDonald bath salts and lock him in your house with a tranquilizer gun & a box of sand paper condoms." Incognito replied to Martin, "Hahaha."


On October 23, Incognito texted "F*** you!!!" to Martin, and the former Stanford offensive tackle responded with a photo that read, "I will murder your whole f***ing family."

However, the texts also reveal Incognito texted Martin several times after his abrupt departure from the team in late October to see if he was OK.

"Wassup man? The world's gone crazy lol I'm good tho congrats on the win," Martin finally replied November 1.

"Thanks dude. It's unbelievable all the attention this is getting. All that's important is that you feel better and know we miss u dude," replied Incognito.

Martin responded with, "Yeah I'm good man. It's insane bro but just know I don't blame you guys at all its just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. Btw...never check yourself into a mental hospital."

Incognito's attorney Mark Schamel told the Miami Herald that the heated exchanges were just "bantering" between friends and that Incognito has already taken responsibility for his part and hopes Martin does the same.

"Rather than deal with his poor on-field performance and myriad other issues, Martin is now hiding behind false allegations," the attorney said.

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nobody has any humor anymore. this is the type of crap close friends say to each other because they trust it will be between them and them only. (jonathan) martin is a backstabbing softgut. 

Gregory Michael
Gregory Michael

Probably said it after the trayvon thing most like. Just Like south park

Gary McFly
Gary McFly

LMAO that is funny knowing he's an asshole bully- doesn't sound like areal threat but IS a jerky thing to say lol

Nicholas Ali
Nicholas Ali

this is joking around.. as ive said before, their shitty qb is the ring leader in hazing martin, coz somebody had to take the fall for that horrid O line... its the standard, pick on the nice kid... ritchie is the fall guy! in reality it was all tanashits fault.

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