TMZ: Jonathon Martin Apparently Loved Texting Richie Incognito About Strip Clubs

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via TMZ
With all the messes surrounding the Miami Dolphins right now, the Richie Incognito seems like ages ago, but NFL investigators haven't forgotten about it. TMZ Sports claims that they got word from a source close to the investigation that the league has collected text messaged between Jonathon Martin and Incognito in which Martin raves about Tootsie's Cabaret, despite earlier claims in the press that Martin was uncomfortable that Incognito held linebacker "meetings" at the strip club.

Of course, TMZ brings the money shot: a picture of Martin with two fully nude dancers on top of him with their backsides pointed to the camera.

From TMZ:

Martin had sent several text messages to Richie before the fallout making it clear he was VERY comfortable hanging out in strip clubs.


We're also told ... the text messages show Martin would OFTEN reach out to Incognito about his fondness for strip clubs, especially Tootsie's ... and never gave any hint that he was ever uncomfortable in that scene.

In one of the texts, sent in June 2013, Martin told Incognito he liked Tootsie's so much, he planned to bring some visiting high school friends to the joint for a good time.

Of course, we've all probably been in one situation or another where we've pretended to like something a little more than we actually do in order to please someone. So who knows what Martin's true feelings about strip clubs are. Though, if TMZ's reports are true then Incognito certainly wouldn't have thought otherwise.

TMZ also reports that Martin once sent a text claiming he couldn't go out one night because he was glued to the coach by "mary jane," and that Martin would often hurl insults back at Incognito.

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Craig Oneil
Craig Oneil

I've said it once and I'll say it again. They were lovers and had a falling out. The reason why it doesn't make sense is because it's a horseshit story and the truth is they were in love and after it fell apart they couldn't be around each other.

Brad Beaty
Brad Beaty

Still a better love story than twilight.

Jennifer Lindner Mariano
Jennifer Lindner Mariano

Sure looks like he was hating that he was "forced" to go there . . . Jackass for trying to railroad Incognito!

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

I knew this motherfucker was full of shit. See, Richie Incognito ain't such a bad guy after all Nicholas Ali

Alexander Fernandez
Alexander Fernandez

He's just a big woos and BSer that knew how to push all the right PC buttons since he sucks at football, will never play again and us going to cash in on some future civil suit.

Dirtylou MrMadeindade
Dirtylou MrMadeindade


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