Warren Moon Tried to Buy Heat Courtside Tickets, Got Screwed Out of $200K Instead

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NFL legend Warren Moon is apparently a Miami Heat fan. So much so that when someone approached him with the opportunity to not only buy courtside tickets but also a 5 percent stake in the team, Moon jumped on the deal and transferred $200,000. Turns out the whole thing was a scam, and Moon didn't even get his tickets.

According to MyFoxLA, a con man named George French Jones approached Moon with the offer. The man offered Moon four floor tickets and a minority-ownership stake, all for a down payment of $200,000.

Moon had his agent transfer the money to an account belonging to Jones, but then the con man disappeared.

Apparently, though, Moon never thought to check with Heat owner Micky Arison or anyone else associated with the franchise he thought he was buying into before transferring the money. We're pretty sure stakes in sports teams aren't sold by shady guys who throw in floor tickets to sweeten the deal. A trip to the owner's box would at least be more believable.

Moon, of course, is now suing Jones -- if he can be found.

Jones might have also targeted other retired athletes, including Patriots Super Bowl player Jarvis Green and eight-time NFL Pro Bowler Charles Woodson. The FBI is involved and is trying to determine if Jones is still contacting athletes.

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Brownie Izaguirre
Brownie Izaguirre

Smh. I still don't get how someone would not ask questions, contact anyone, and get scammed out of $200,000. He had to be on something.

Derrick Rankin
Derrick Rankin

I don't understand how anybody can get scammed like this! Unbelievable.

Edd Lord
Edd Lord

mooned in miami. he,s not to smart

Andrew J. Herrero
Andrew J. Herrero

Anyone stupid enough to squander that much money on A game deserves to get f'ing shafted.

Ashley Sokol
Ashley Sokol

Surprised his agent didn't look into it...before transferring the money!

Darek Armstrong
Darek Armstrong

No one deserves to be screwed over Gregory....c'mon man, that's shitty thing to say.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

"A fool and his money are soon parted."

Want HEAT tickets?  Call them.  

The ownership stake thing is even more asinine as only 2 families (or 3 if Riley still has a stake)  own the team

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