Wynwood's First Bank Will Include Nightly Laser Light Shows, Because Of Course

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Wynwood continues its transformation from gritty arts district to commercialized, glitzy "arts" district with the addition of its first bank since the transformation. C1 Bank, a St. Pete-based bank, is opening shop on NE 26th Street and N. Miami Ave. (a plot it bought for a pricey $2.85 million) as their first foray into consumer banking in Miami, and the place doesn't promise to be subtle. Curbed Miami reports that the inside of the bank will include a nightly laser lights show. Yes, there's video.

It's like half that scene from Entrapment, half a regular night at LIV. It's not a regular bank. It's a cool bank.

According to the bank's Facebook, the branch, which officially opened shop on Wednesday, features a giant-ass Andy Warhol original on loan from Gallery Art.

via Facebook
That's all very hip and all, but I'd like to point out that as someone who works in Wynwood, I am now in closer walking distance to a fancy bank with a laser show than I am to a bodega.

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Evan Jorell
Evan Jorell

Taxpayers don't pay for private banks

Dan Marino
Dan Marino

A distraction while they wash meth money

Brian Schiffhauer
Brian Schiffhauer

Hopefully no one shows up and people learn not to bring stupid ideas like this to Wynwood.

Alex Porro
Alex Porro

Will the taxpayers be paying for these lasers!? If so, then a few inflatable flying pigs would be nice as well..perhaps a huge Def Leppard Hysteria logo too..

Heather Arias
Heather Arias

It must be so much fun trying to break in there. Next birthday party idea

Alain D. Mozas
Alain D. Mozas

Wynwood has always been a big joke. What's new? That a banking institution is trying to capitalize on what everyone else has already figured out? The Warhol is the cherry on top of all of this.

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