City of Miami Springs Insists Glenn Curtiss Mansion Is OK in Press Release

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Curtiss Mansion.
On Tuesday, Riptide ran a blog post about how Miami Springs' nearly $5-million Glenn Curtiss Mansion restoration project is in trouble. It's been a year since the house was rebuilt and according to city docs, Miami Springs is suing Carivon Construction, Co., for "construction defects related to the Curtiss Mansion." City manager Ron Gorland said cypress beams in the Mansion are deteriorating, and the city planned to "sue everybody" to find a culprit.

People affiliated with the project were none too pleased with the post. JoEllen Phillips of Curtiss Mansion Inc. said it had caused a major headache. "We have some people who are very much questioning whether they should continue their rental here," she told Riptide. "I've spent almost 16 years of my life [re-building the Curtiss House], and it feels like having the rug ripped out from underneath my feet."

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The City of Miami Springs and the non-profit group that runs the Glenn Curtiss Mansion jointly issued the following press release about the article:

"The Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs is NOT falling down. While a recent reporting has led some to believe differently, let us assure you that our historic Mansion is open, beautiful, safe and ready for any and all events. In fact, on February 15th, we are hosting "Celebrate Love," an open-to-the-public event with music by Joe Donato, food by Lovables and wines by Ya Ya.

The event starts at 7pm and will allow you to view the Mansion for yourself. Tickets are available at the Mansion - we are open most weekday mornings for interested guests and we have regular guided informative tours. We hope to see you there!

Curtiss Mansion, Inc., is a 501-C-3 not-for-profit organization in charge of renovating and operating the City of Miami Springs' historic landmark. Some issues were observed with regard to some of the cypress logs that were used in the project. As a result, an investigation was started early last year when a couple of the smaller cypress logs deteriorated quickly and some of the larger cypress logs showed signs of early deterioration.

Since the construction was just finished, this should not have happened so we met with the Project Engineers, Architects and the Contractors in an attempt to determine and resolve the problem. To ensure that the problem is properly identified and corrected, the City has engaged June Willcott, an engineer with Willcott Engineering, Inc. and Michael J. Kurzman, an attorney with the law firm of Siegfried, Rivera, Hyman, Lerner, De La Torre, Mars & Sobel, P.A. Ms. Willcott is an engineer whose practice involves solving design and construction defect issues. Mr. Kurzman is a Florida Bar, Board Certified attorney in Construction Law, and whose practice specializes in design and construction defect issues.

Wood samples have been analyzed and an engineering report completed. These conclusions will be shared with the appropriate Project Architects, Engineers and Contractors, and we will work to find a proper solution. Our goal is to find a long-term solution now, during the warranty period, and before it becomes a major issue. At no time has anyone suggested that the Mansion or its roof are currently "falling apart" (except perhaps an over zealous reporter). CMI was not contacted prior to the article.

The Mansion remains open, safe and available to rent for weddings, quinceneras, meetings, birthdays or any special day you wish to celebrate with friends and family. Please call 305-869-5180 to discuss your rental with our professional staff."

Meanwhile, posters on atwitter. As of last night, people were questioning why the city felt the need to respond to a newspaper article:

"WTF? The city issued a response to New Times article? What does this mean? "Some issues were observed with regard to some of the cypress logs that were used in the project. As a result, an investigation was started early last year when a couple of the smaller cypress logs deteriorated quickly and some of the larger cypress logs showed signs of early deterioration." The place is fricking FALLING APART! Dont worry blame the messa\egnger."

One commenter, however, just doesn't understand what newspapers are for:

Thanks new times jerks for stupid story that as always you blew out of proportion.our valentines dance is on feb. 15 but thanks to your idiot news report we can expect fewer people.that is why gazette doesnt put junk like this in the newspaper because residents dont want to hear negativity that you and your reporters bring.smut about sex and bad roofs things we dont need.go back and write about miami or hialeah and leave us alone.

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I disagree.  The Gazette is a bunch of fiction.  If you rely on the Gazette, you have NO idea what is going on in Miami Springs.  I applaud the New Times, even if they don't always get it right.  Although, I don't view this rebuttal as a retraction, Richard.


what a seriously boring topic. i mean can you at least write more about the toxic parks, the controversy surrounding the port of miami tunnel, genting's new updated plans for the miami herald building, forced evictions in little haiti, human trafficking by the russian mafia, etc...

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