Explaining Gay Men to Worried NFL Types

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NFL draft prospect Michael Sam came out over the weekend. Though the public response from the NFL and many players was positive, an article full of off-the-record NFL sources showed there's still some resistance to an openly gay player in the league. Apparently some older NFL types are under the impression that gay men are fragile creatures who need to be handled with kiddie gloves while they're not eye fucking and chemically unbalancing the rest of the locker room. Let's clear up some myths.

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Myth #1: For their own good, gay men must be kept 100 yards away from anyone who could possibly utter the word "faggot."
An NFL player personnel assistant anonymously worried in a Sports Illustrated article that "to call somebody a [gay slur] is still so commonplace" in the locker room.

As it turns out, however, gay men do not instantly turn into helpless piles of sprinkled pudding upon hearing the word "faggot." Michael Sam knows what he's getting into, and we really doubt overhearing some idiotic locker-room talk will have any impact on his ability to play. Plus, purposely keeping a player off your team just because he's gay won't positively affect the NFL's locker-room culture.

Plus, we doubt even the harshest NFL trash talker has anything on the insulting ability of a drunk, angry drag queen with a microphone at a gay club at 2 a.m. Those queens can get nasty, and then gay men just tip them a dollar afterward for their trouble.

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Lissette Martinez
Lissette Martinez

Because eventually some asshole was going to bring it up and make a huge stinker about it. It's better he brought it up on his own terms.

Chard Beauregarde
Chard Beauregarde

Congrats to the NFL community for not blowing this out of proportion.

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