LeBron Busted His Nose, Bled Everywhere and Still Finished an Insane Dunk

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LeBron James took a nasty shot to the grill late in last night's 103-81 blowout of the Thunder, throwing shade all over the Heat's impressive performance. Before LeBron hit the floor late in the fourth, he was making a lot of those MVP voters happy they used a No. 2 pencil on their ballots. James finished 15-22 from the field for 33 points, out dueling the man trying to end his MVP reign, Kevin Durant, who finished with 28.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh had sweet games themselves, both scoring 24, giving the Big 3 a combined 81 points.

Even when LeBron bleeds, he distracts you with his crazy, unexplainable awesome. LeBron, nose exploding after an Ibaka face smash, somehow still ended up throwing down a nasty dunk on the play. Inexplicably, no foul was called. LeBron laid on the floor, along with Heat fans' hearts, for what felt like an hour before getting up and heading to the locker room.

News after the game was that LeBron passed all concussion tests, and was set to take X-rays to determine if a protective plastic mask is in his future. Miami next plays Sunday against the Bulls, but then not again until next Thursday, so taking off a game seems likely as it would give James an entire week to ice his smeller before the Heat take on the Knicks next Sunday.

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Ernie Torres
Ernie Torres

Soft? Really? Get your Nose broken & see how you feel. Then we'll talk, smh...

Sean Kandel
Sean Kandel

Not gonna Lie! thats some pussy shit compared to what happens in hockey! during any game!

Wendy Caraballo
Wendy Caraballo

Guys that use gender as a form of insult have the social intelligence of third graders. You are a true idiot Gilbert.

Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez

Lebron a soft lil dog. Kobe got his nose broke by Wade and kept playing mins later. Nash got his broken and he snapped it back in place and kept playing. Lebron always sells everything. Gets nose bleed, acts like a torn ACL lol! st8 up! Hockey players get bloodied every game and what!? Baby girl James will now miss a game for having his period LOL!

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