Man Arrested in Key West: "I Thought Cocaine Wasn't Illegal in Florida"

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A man arrested in Key West for cocaine possession had an interesting defense.

"I don't understand," he said according to police. "I thought cocaine wasn't illegal in Florida."

According to, a security guard at the Pier House Resort saw Guy Lanchester, 46, and two other walk onto the property at about 2 a.m. on Sunday and then heard a scream. The guard called police, who then showed up on the scene.

Officers said they saw Lanchester trying to ditch a small bagged of cocaine in a planter, and that's when Lanchester explained he thought coke was legal here.

No sir. Cocaine isn't the same as shooting an unarmed teenager. There's no confusion over as to whether or not that's legal in Florida.

Police then searched the planter and found less than a gram of cocaine. Lanchester was arrested on charges of tampering with evidence as well.

The two others with Lanchester were searched and let go.

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Exiliado topcommenter

He knew it was illegal, otherwise he wouldn't have tried to ditch it. He was just trying to lie his way out of trouble.

Now, at least this guy  has a reason to tell lies.

The author of this report, however, he is nothing but an irresponsible moron.

Shooting somebody is illegal, you idiot. The law is very clear about it. If you don't understand it, it's probably because you lack the intelligence, common sense or reading skills.

Stop writing stuff that you know is not true, you unethical piece of shit.

And no, you don't get to claim sarcasm. 

frankd4 topcommenter

......................IF this guy isn't CAREFUL with comments like that HE WILL get himself elected to PUBLIC office here in south florida

Millie Santana
Millie Santana

That's how Florida is seeing everywhere outside the state. The believe is that in Florida, everything goes! Oh well, apparently not everywhere...If you're not a politician! LOL

Steve Klare
Steve Klare

Thé brain of a dopehead on drugs... Stupid!!!!!!

John Lubbe
John Lubbe

That's what the sun in Florida can do to your brain and face....

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