Miamians Want Full-Service Casinos, According to Poll Paid for by Gaming Interest

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Even when they're not unveiling gaudy plans for giant mega-casinos, the gambling industry always has some eyes on Miami as a future point of expansion.

It's no wonder then that a poll paid for by "unnamed gaming interests" has been released today showing that 56 percent of Miamians supposedly approve of the idea of bringing full-service, Las Vegas-style casinos to Miami.

According to the Miami Herald, the poll, conducted by pollster Tom Eldon, surveyed 400 Miami-Dade likely voters. It carries a 4.9 percent margin of error.

In addition to 56 percent of all Miamians, 60 percent of Hispanics are said to support the expansion of gambling. It also found 63 percent of Cubans support the idea. Meanwhile just 52 percent of blacks and 53 percent of non-Hispanic whites want big casinos.

The exact question asked respondents if they agreed with a hypothetical amendment that "allowed for the construction of three or less destination resort casinos limited to South Florida counties like Broward or Miami-Dade."

Keep in mind, though, that this poll was paid for by gambling interests, and was in part a way to test the industry's message. The Herald's analysis suggests that the industry would focus their message on how casinos would supposedly create jobs and add extra tax revenue while also selling the plan as a way of curbing gambling by limiting the creation of new casinos to just three or less.

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Erika Ann Grohoski Peralta
Erika Ann Grohoski Peralta

I think the best thing would be to revive all the old school racing tracks... They could be really cool Miami vintage style casino

Jorge Larrea
Jorge Larrea

Who took this poll? I call bullshit politics

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Casinos on Miami Beach! And sever all bridges connecting the islands to the mainland.  Win/win.

Raul A Maestri Jr.
Raul A Maestri Jr.

.....Miami could definitely benefit from the additional tax revenue from the commercial enterprises. It will lessen the burden on the residential base. Additional jobs are plus, and it will definitely bring about a resurgence in construction.

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Go for it...legalize prostitution too while you're at it. Miami will eventually become a George Carlin joke where the residents will eventually screw and beat each other to death and then the city can start over.

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