Alberto Carvalho Cares About Black Schools

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Ale x Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke gives Miami-Dade's top educator a passing grade.

A group of parents and alumni representing predominantly African-American inner-city public schools recently accused Miami-Dade schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho of being a "slick operator." In a six-page manifesto, they alleged Carvalho has turned his back on black schools and broken promises made to the African-American community.

They are wrong. Carvalho has done more to help African-American children than any of his predecessors did.

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When the Florida Department of Education wanted to stop me from volunteering as a high school football coach two years ago, Carvalho stuck up for me. He defended my abilities to mentor African-American teenage boys. And when the same education department wanted to close Miami Edison and Miami Central senior high schools, Carvalho fought hard to make sure those inner-city institutions remained open.

He appointed a black woman, Valenta Brown, to the most important position in his cabinet. She is the school district's chief operating officer. That is the highest rank of any African-American working for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. When Carvalho took over in 2008, Rudy Crew left him with 12 failing schools from Hialeah to Homestead. Last year, not a single school in the district received an F.

Three historic inner-city high schools -- Edison, Jackson, and Northwestern -- received a B, a B, and an A, respectively. And the 69 percent graduation rate for blacks in Miami-Dade high schools outperformed the rest of the state's 64 percent graduation rate for black students. The numbers don't lie.

The black alumni and parents dissing Carvalho claim he's done nothing to replace outdated buildings and technology at inner-city schools. Yet Carvalho spearheaded a $20 million renovation of Miami Central, including a new main building. In November, the school district broke ground on a $35 million state-of-the-art building to replace Norland Senior High's 56-year-old structure.

Rome wasn't built overnight. There's still more work to be done. But Carvalho is doing a good job getting us there.

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Luke, you really need to visit some of these elementary schools in this school district. A good man in my opinion wouldn't let little kids attend these dilipidated schools. Some of theses elementary schools don't have smart boards and adequate supplies, but they have old chipped paint and mold and the list goes on. You only mentioned high schools. He helped you? Don't be deceived and don't be like the rest. Share the pie, don't eat it all by yourself because you might get a stomach ache.


I'll say this at times I did think Carvalho was only interested in helping the Hispanic communities/ schools, but let's be real if a black person was in that position he/she would do the same help out their own of course then others. Now when it comes to Luke besides being a high school football coach I don't know him to do anything else except rap which we all know he's played out with that and I'll admit football for black schools do bring a community together, however education is was most important. Last thing from reading some of the comments I must say race does play a factor in schools. Don't know if many people remember this, but Miami or Hialeah can't remember which school but one of them was on the news about 6 or so years back. Well all of the parents were upset because their kids weren't going to graduate due to FCAT which they were seniors and with all that protesting nothing happened meaning those kids had to pass or wouldn't graduate. Also Miami Edison was in that same category partly due to a large portion of Haitian Americans attending the school. Anyways to present day 2014, their isn't any F or D rated high schools in Miami Dade County. Might I add, the historically black schools such as; Miami Northwestern A school, Miami Jackson B school and Miami Edison B school. So to those who say Carvalho doesn't do much for the black communities/schools well I'd say he does and he doesn't 50/50.

Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

keep voting for a welfare president ?

Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

For once i agree with luke

Sarah Kreuz
Sarah Kreuz

So Carvalho helps Uncle Luke, Miami Central and Edison and all of the sudden he's on the side if black schools? What about the dozens of other schools predominantly attended by people of color that are in need of $12 million + repairs? Uncle Luke needs to take a trip to other schools and talk to actual educators, students, and parents before he defends the sup.

Exiliado topcommenter

I am going to side with Mr. Campbell on this one.

I am no fan of Alberto Carvalho. He has done a much better job than his predecessor (that's actually easy), but there's a lot he could better.

But this group of whiners should start by looking inside their communities. 

Kick the drug dealers out. They know exactly who they are and where they sell their crap.

Do away with the "snitches get stitches" attitude that allows gangs to prey on their kids. 

Impose discipline and respect in their children; make them understand that education is the only way out.

Do something, for Christ sake, and stop asking others to change what only you can change! 

Do something and change will come your way. Academic performance is not determined by the age of the buildings. It is determined by family and community involvement, values, as well as a positive attitude towards school. 

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Luther Campbell -- just got slapped with a $74K federal tax lien


Brother surprise here...we all saw this article coming. 

We know you and some Carvalho BFFs met with Alberto Carvalho, not too long ago, to plan this "opinion" article after the first article Alberto Carvalho Ignores Black Schools - Page ... - Miami New Times written by Chuck Strouse and supported by some Black community leaders, parents and members from the alumni of Miami Northwestern and Miami Central appeared.

It is typical Carvalho damage control protocol to counter a negative article with a positive article-he has always done this. It is typical Carvalho damage control protocol to appear at a local event in the Black community when there is trouble brewing-he did this at the tug-of-peace and gardening green space efforts. It is typical Carvalho damage control protocol to contact the usual list of Black community activists to rally the people-he did this too. He will probably sow up at a Black church this Sunday, send out some Tweets and Facebook messages, of course, with photos of himself-who else. Maybe even a segment on a Black radio show or an article in the Herald. This is what he does. It is called politics.  

As to your points, which were probably provided to you by the school system for this story; yes, there has been progress with several inner-city schools and it is greatly appreciated and long overdue. To say otherwise would be a lie. We are not here to lie...the system, under this administration, does ample amounts of misrepresenting the truth itself. 

With regard to your personal experience with mentoring and coaching, you should leave it out, simply because it has a personal attachment. Coach...mentor...invest in the deserve too and you are very good at it. For as much as you claim Carvalho has defended you, there were times when he has not. 

The winds shift here in South Florida and they blow in political directions within Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS). You know this having had to juke, weave, cut, dash and stiff arm your way betwen Northwestern, Central and Norland like a running-back yourself. Let's just say you didn't always have someone lead blocking for you. 

As to closing Miami Edison and Miami Central, that was empty political rhetoric and innuendo. Tough talk from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) with no history of closing public schools [with the exception of Charters, Alternative or under-enrolled schools]. FDOE did this knowing it was mainly schools within the urban core-Black schools-that would be placed upon the proverbial "chopping block."

Carvalho, being the ultimate political illusionst and opportunist, went up on stage at the Caleb Center and branded his rhymes and rap lyrics "not on my watch" just as you did in the 80's. Granted, there has been tremendous progress and success in these schools, but much of this came at the hands of others, not the media glutton attention seeking Carvalho. 

These schools were failing. They had been for years, but they were never in any real danger of being closed for academics. Please do not for a moment think or try to state otherwise. It just doesn't happen very often. 

The newly created Chief Operating Officer, is a kind, bright and exemplary educator. She has led schools and regions. 

Let's keep it real Luke. The story goes more like this. The former top position under Carvalho was Deputy Superintendent. It was held by a career Miami Dade educator and former Miami Dolphins football player. He actually hired Carvalho as a teacher at Miami Jackson. You should know this story, as Carvalho has told it countless times, prior to the system punting the guy squarely in the butt when he was traveling out of the country on vacation. 

Now many in the Black community were not pleased with the former Deputy Superintendent, and felt he was past his prime. Some liked him, especially since the one running the system was Carvalho's Chief of Staff, who Carvalho used as a "whip" and has since departed but is being courted to return. So when the Deputy Superintendent was thanked for his service and "decided' to move on, Carvalho had to replace him with an African American. 

This is not to say the Chief Operating Officer is not capable or undeserving-she is intelligent and is very able, capable and qualified to do the job, but if you were a fly on the wall when the decisions were being made to select her, you would have been disappointed and surprised. Unless of course all that you care about is outcome and the fact that she holds the position. 

Carvalho has done a lot of good work for the system and especially for himself. He is the one person that feels he is bigger than the system. 

The parents and alumni that have expressed disappointment have every right to feel the way they do. They can write their manifestos and complain all they want. It is their position and right to do so. 

You too have your right to use your access to write opinions, as accurate or inaccurate as they may be, or biased or unbiased as they may be. It is your position and right to do so. 

Agree...Carvalho cares about black schools and gets a passing grade...but get it right...he cares more about himself than anything else.  


That's the way I felt in the 1980'S. Don't come somewhere else and try to change things, like peoples culture and language. Make change in the place that you were born in.


@cargon786  And what are you doing, other than complaining, to help the schools in your community? I agree that deteriorating schools and lack of technology in schools are a problem.  But that problem is in almost every school throughout the county.  Unless you are in a wealthy community such as Key Biscayne where they fund their own improvements, this is not an issue isolated to the back community.  What gets results is parental and community involvement.  Not parental and community complaining about lack of things and showing up to meetings, but actual action on the part of the parents and community in the the education of their students.  What is typical in most schools in that a small number of parents do the bulk of the heavy lifting, and the remainder complain when things don't get done.  If every parent in the school cared, and made an effort to be involved, things would turn around much more quickly. 

You clearly have a personal issue with Carvalho, but all politicians care about themselves first.  The good ones also get things done while touting their accomplishments.  He has done both, and you can ignore the numbers on graduation rates and school grades, but those are real results.  Carvalho is not perfect, but if it takes someone needing recognition for their accomplishments to get to those accomplishments, I can live with that.  When he leaves for a spot in the national political scene in Washington DC, let's see if his replacement can get half of what he has done accomplished.  And then you can complain about that person's incompetence along with not caring about the schools in the black community.  In the meantime, let's all work at getting our communities involved in the education of our children and not just leave it to others.


If schools on key Biscayne and other middle to high class neighborhoods fund their own improvements, then there shoudl be more taxpaying dollars available for MDCPS to fund schools in the inner city. Please! I thought they said "No Child Left Behind." I do not believe that crap about these neighborhoods funding their own improvement. That is the oldest tale in the book to justify the neglect these inner city schools face.


@markee67 @cargon786  Just to respectfully clarify, I am not complaining-simply stating my opinion and the truth on some issues. 

I agree wholeheartedly on aging and deteriorating schools, many of which are located in the urban core and inner city. Some of the buildings are 50+ years or older and I never blamed Carvalho. I am pleased to see the new construction taking place and pray that it is closely monitored with the proper oversight.

I also agree that Key Biscayne is the 1% of Miami Dade County and what a beautiful place it is. 

I agree that an involved community and effective government is best for success.  

I have no issue with Carvalho and couldn't agree any more that he cares about himself in an inordinate way. I am disgusted at the amount of attention he seeks and how carries himself. He is self-absorbed and too political. Of course, there are also the allegations in the news of his infidelity with a news reporter and, while it may be his personal life, when confronted, he denied it and that raises questions to his integrity and morals. He is the chief educator of children, so character matters.  

I agree with the success in test scores and couldn't be happier. 

If Washington D.C. is his next stop, good for him. An ego that big needs to be fed. 

I feel it is premature to judge his successor and how well he or she may do. 

I never mentioned the word incompetence, nor would I when speaking of Carvalho who, I feel is very intelligent, competent, articulate, calculated and capable but, at the same time, too politicized, self-centered and at times, untruthful. Those qualities cut deeply into the good qualities and make him unappealing.  

Count me in on working together to make a better Miami. 

This issue surrounds two things:

First, the alumni, parents and community members that feel duped by Carvalho have valid points and are entitled to feel and express this. He is a public official and is subject to public opinion which, can be harsh and unfair at times. 

Next, this particular article by the good Brother Uncle Luke. This is a scripted, planned and biased piece, choreographed by Carvalho and his minions, to counter the first article. This is called damage control and it is a staple in any politicians toolbox. 

Carvalho cares about black schools but he cares about himself more than anything. It is all about his name...his brand...his agenda...his political career...his resume. 


Keep telling the truth. Eventually something will happen to confirm everything you are saying and the our community is feeling.


@Exiliado @cargon786 @markee67  I care about a politician’s or public official's private life to the extent that it gives me insight into his/her character. I don’t care about a person’s sexual orientation, but I do care about the extent of the lying people do to hide their extramarital affairs. 

What someone does in private is who they really are. If someone is really an untrustworthy person, then its best to know that before you trust them with something important. If a politician or a public official cannot be trusted by their spouse, then why should the public trust them? 

A leader is not like a technician – perhaps a technician can do a good technical job while being of questionable character, but a politician or a high ranking public official is a leader – being of the highest moral character is required for being a leader. 

Not that a politician or a public official cannot have privacy, but if they are of questionable character, the public needs to know.

Bill Clinton, who had the highest approval rating of any outgoing president in recent decades, initially lied about his Oval Office shenanigans. His lies about Monica Lewinsky seemed like something anyone would do to save his family and himself embarrassment, or even his career.

You ask why? Because actions speak louder than words, and one’s private actions that one may wish to keep private, such as an alleged affair with a news reporter covering the school system, are relevant when they do not align with words and promises made publicly. That is why!

I know many will feel a little misbehavior is nothing more than news chatter, but we don’t need to hear the gory details; however, we do need to know when they are dishonest with their partner, and how they deal with the truth. Are they truly penitent or are they just upset because they got caught? Is this a common occurance, or is it their normal history? I base my feelings about people on their honesty and ability to take blame when it is due. 

Given the enormous amount of problems we have seen here in Broward and Miami Dade with public officials and politicians, I simply feel the public has a right to know. Thats all. 

Exiliado topcommenter

@cargon786 @Exiliado @markee67  

NO they are not.

His performance as public official is our business. His personal issues are not.

So far you have been ranting and throwing personal attacks, but you have failed to point at ONE real issue.

Did he fire you?


@Exiliado @cargon786 @markee67  As long as he is a public official and heads a school system where children attend; his "personal issues" are the public's business. 

Exiliado topcommenter

@cargon786 @markee67  

I am no fan of Mr. Carvalho, but if his narcissism gets things done, why complain?

The one before him was a narcissist too, but an incompetent one. And corrupt.

You seem to have a personal issue against Carvalho. You can't criticize his professional performance so you try to get him on personal issues that are non of your business.

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