"Glamping" Bill Hopes to Spur Visits to Florida's Aquatic Preserves

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Is there anything more glamorous than Florida's aquatic preserves? Yes, darling, lots of things, but a new proposed bill hopes to bring a bit of a ritzy touch to the areas by allowing and promoting the idea of "glamping" on islands and "uplands" in the preserves.

Florida has 41 designated aquatic preserves along the state's coastline. That includes two in Biscayne Bay. People are allowed to camp on much of the land in those preserves but are only allowed to do the more primitive type -- as in erecting your nylon own tents and all of that, but dahling, dahling, that's just so common.

The new bill would permit the Department of Environmental Protection to allow in certain cases the construction of more sturdy temporary structures for visitors who like a bit more high-end camping. The department would also regulate companies looking to get into the glamping business in the reserves.

The state's official tourism website already promotes the idea of glamping in the state.

"If you like nature but prefer to end your day in high thread-count sheets instead of a sleeping bag, then 'glamping,' a.k.a. glamorous camping, is for you," reads Visit Florida.

As long as "glamping promotions" don't interfere with the public's use of the land or preservation plans, companies would be allowed to provide and promote high-end camping amenities in the preserves. Those could include the temporary construction of structures that fall somewhere between a regular tent and a cabin. Think something like this:

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Man keeps breeding, and taking over lands designated for 4 legged/ avairian, and other wildlife. Cut the cord. There's how many Billion of us here? Leave something for the other folk...the little folk we were born to peer at as children and enjoy. Geez, how many freaking people do we need? Are we not satisfied until everything green is either underwater or dead-brown wood, bark peeling?

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