Guns for Teachers Bill Passes First Senate Panel

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Because Florida Republicans can't find a gun violence problem they don't think they can fix with more guns, a new bill that would allow teachers to pack heat in the classroom has passed its first state Senate panel.

SB 968 would allow principals and superintendents to designate certain school employees with concealed carry licenses to bring their firearms to school. The designee would need to 40 hours of school safety program, and 8 hours of active shooting training and 4 hours of firearm proficiency training every year.

However, the bill does not mandate that all school districts adopt the policy, and the ultimate decision would be left with school boards, superintendents and principals.

The bill passed the Criminal Justice subcommittee with a 5-2 vote, with two Democrats voting against the measure.

A similar bill was considered last year but never made it to the Senate floor.

The bill is just one of several backed by the National Rifle Association that could find traction in this year's legislative session. Other NRA-backed bills would expand Stand Your Ground to cover people firing warning shots, prevents schools from disciplining students for playing with simulated weapons, a measure prohibiting insurance companies from discriminating against gun owners and a bill that would allow tax collectors to accept concealed carry applications.

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Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

I have no problem with arming teachers as long as they know how to shoot. Just don't kill or shoot any kid without a GOOD reason.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Funny how the left are totally against and outraged by the every idea of having to provide an ID to vote because it is a right but are 100% in favor of restrictions against gun ownership which is a right as well.

Liberals wouldn't know hypocrisy if it bit them in the crotch.

Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

more guns less crime check the statistics ! if you're afraid of guns don't buy one....knowing you have a problem is half the problem.

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

When using pictures or graphics for your articles, do you obtain permission from the copyright holder?

Caio Graco Portes
Caio Graco Portes

Now we will need a new law that gives guns to the students, so they can protect themselves from the teachers.

Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez

Yeah we should make schools gun free zones so we can see more school shooting the new times mentality! Great for entertainment but terrible for news

Jen Die
Jen Die

Raises would have been better...but then again things are backwards here

Mark Eckert
Mark Eckert

They don't need a guns for "teachers". Guns are already for "everybody"!

Exiliado topcommenter

No, they are not.

Currently, the law prohibits possession of firearms in school campuses. That includes the parking lots and the inside of your car. 

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