Was LeBron James Wearing Light-Up Shoes Last Night? Twitter Unravels a Kicks Conspiracy

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Nets 96, Heat 95. Now that we have covered the game, let's talk about more important things, like what the hell LeBron James was doing with his feet last night.

People instantly realized something weird was going on, namely that every time LeBron took a step, a flash of light shot into their faces as if they were having a near-death experience. Was LeBron wearing some vintage light-up L.A. Gear kicks or what?

ESPN's Mike Wallace was the first one to point out something weird was going on with LeBron's shoes.

Then others, like ESPN's Izzy Gutierrez, took notice.

Then he wasn't so sure. Probably nothing. Maybe LeBron isn't illuminating light with every step. Maybe we are all just really bored.

But wait! The Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser saw it too!

Then fans began confirming it, apparently via remote motion-detection cameras strapped to trees in the arena. Also, they made jokes about the shoes, because Twitter is for two things -- jokes and outrage.

But then like a fart in the wind, the shoes were gone. Had the NBA told LeBron to switch? Did the shoes ever exist? What is life?

After the game, we learned it was all a lie. There were no lights. There were no mirrors. In reality, it was just a really shiny sticker-decal-pattern-thingy that reflected light in an odd way. Myth. Busted.

But in the end, ESPN wins as always, because ESPN will talk about anything, you see.

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Kon Janco
Kon Janco

Not real fans... Heat fans... There's a difference. Heat fan don't know real basketball.

Tanya C Davis
Tanya C Davis

lol, so they lost because LeBron was wearing Sketchers

Luisy VWater
Luisy VWater

I though that shit was on kids shoes only

rizzmigizz topcommenter

and because they didnt score more points. : (

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