Miami DJ Vilified for Raiding Jason Wu Collection Now Suing Target

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Kevin Wills, AKA DJ Midas.
Kevin Wills has a controversial business model that's made him a villain to bargain-seekers everywhere. Now he's starting a beef with the stores themselves.

Two years ago, he and his then-wife stirred up a righteous shitstorm by snatching up thousands of dollars' worth of limited-edition designer merch from a Miami Target before anyone else could get their hands on it. Now Wills is sure to stir even more ire. This time, he's suing Target, alleging the store aided a mob of outraged shoppers in physically attacking him while he was trying to escape with the pile of clothes.

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"Not fun, to say the least," Wills said of the bargain-seekers brouhaha before declining to comment further.

That's certainly an assessment that Wills' fellow customers had back on February 4, 2012. That day, the Target store in midtown Miami planned to debut a small number of competitively priced clothes designed by the internationally famed Jason Wu collection.

Wills called ahead to check whether there was a limit to how much of the designer clothing he could buy on the cheap. The next day, the Rhode Island native and his wife, Clara Borges Deoliveria, were first in line.

The couple knew what they were doing. In 2011, they had mobbed Target when a similar bargain-basement promotion on Missoni clothes came out. When that line was released, the Target website crashed, and hundreds of shoppers lined up to snag a shirt or two. The pair was able to nab a huge pile of clothes.

This time, the plan didn't work out so well. In a scenario that played out like a mix between Black Friday and Supermarket Sweep, Wills, who also goes by "DJ Midas" and spins at the Delano, snatched up $5,300 of Jason Wu merch in less than a minute.

A slighted crowd of angry shoppers encircled and taunted him. The media fallout was no less critical: Wills and Deoliveria were branded as "fashion vultures" online and deemed a "terrible couple" by Riptide.

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Then, two weeks after it all went down, Wu announced he had been planning to give the clothes to charity all along. When his planned venue to auction off the clothes learned of the controversy, it pulled the plug.

Now Wills wants payback for the fiasco. One customer allegedly slammed him in the legs with her cart as her similarly aggrieved husband said he was going to "kick his ass."

The Miami DJ is suing for emotional distress as well as negligence and false imprisonment, apparently because he felt trapped by the angry fashionistas who sought both designer clothing at big-box prices as well as trouble.

"Rather than securing our client's safety, among other things, Target acted in furtherance of our client's injuries," says Daniel Zampano, Wills' lawyer. (Deoliveria, who has since divorced Wills, isn't part of the suit.)

The attorney also notes that Target discontinued its no-limit purchase policy immediately after the incident, which to him is proof that it was an unsafe idea.

The complaint also alleges that Target made "hundred of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in advertising" when media outlets from the Hollywood Reporter to the Huffington Post slammed Wills.

Target's lawyers said they cannot comment on pending litigation.

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whateveryousay topcommenter

There is way too much wrong with this.  


You all hate him, but he has a case, and this is in fact Target's fault for offering something like that, and not protecting shoppers. If you hate free markets and the laws we have to protect people, move to Iran, or better yet, Syria. Go now, and stop whining. What he did was not appealing to people, but perfectly legal. That a mob should attack this guy for getting to items sought first is pretty Miami. People behave like animals once they feel slighted, even if the other person has done something distasteful. We reward vigilante justice. Great. He has good legal standing to sue for negligence, and false imprisonment if the facts as alleged are true. Target has a duty of care to protect customers shopping, even if they want a good deal. People do this on black Friday all the time, and go ebay items for more afterwards. Its sleazy but does not give you the right to beat and attack someone in a store when they are acting in their rights.

Jorge Mederos
Jorge Mederos

HUMANS....WHAT IN THE LITERAL FUCK?! Get your priorities together people.


@jdomar I disagree completely. Sure Target has a duty to protect its shoppers, but not when the shoppers provoke the anger themselves. Like, if you were to go around Target yelling racial epithets, I don't think you could then sue Target if somebody punched you in the mouth. This guy acted like a complete selfish asshole, and then was surprised when some little old lady pushed his cart into him?

And his lawsuit also complains that people were making fun of him in the press? Who is he going to sue this time once people make fun of him for filing this ridiculous lawsuit? The court system itself? 

No, if you act like a complete douche, you should expect a negative response. That's not Target's fault.


I see your point. It's just that he had a right to buy whatever merchandise he wanted. Its different than hate speech i.e fighting words which are not constitutionality protected, unlike his actions in the store which are (unfortunate though it may seem)


@sweetliberty17761776 No, my only purpose was to show what an ignorant redneck you really are. I did. I back off of nothing I said, just showed how you are ignorant. Go to law school; you won't write like a third grader if you can complete it, but I doubt that will ever happen. You won't get that far based on your method of writing :) For the record, I'm a Ron and Rand Paul supporter, not a liberal. Have a nice life.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

@jdomar @sweetliberty17761776  

funny how you now back off your sky is falling rhetoric when called out

your reference to pound and harass people who speak out against g ays or f at people etc etc

is your goal

you dont fool us

we know all about "imminent" riot speech etc


your another sel f hatin  raci st who justifies your acts as 

"heroic" used to feed your insecurities to offset your maladies 


@sweetliberty17761776 Speech that induces imminent unlawful behavior is not protected. Your response is is pretty self-righteous and misinformed; you are also way off topic from the issues we are discussing: that the shopper had a right not to be interfered with, and that one has a reasonable expectation that they won't be jumped by a mob when they are shopping, and that the store owes a duty to create a safe shopping environment. Anyways, read this case if you feel like learning without running your mouth in such a fashion. Certain hate speech that is designed to induce imminent action, like starting a riot, or overthrowing/destabalizing govt, is not protected.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


"hate speech is not constitutional protected"??

wow you fall hook line and sinker into the obamamama abyss 

then why isnt louis farakahn in jail?

or ( now the leader is deceased) but the hater in the westboro church

if you yell the n word at someone THEY DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUNCH YOU 



I am awaiting your well reasoned response , if any is to come

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