Miami Public Transportation Ridership Up 2.3 Percent; Metrorail Ridership Up More Than 10 Percent

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via Miami-Dade Transit
The popularity of public transit in Miami-Dade still lags behind several comparable counties, but Miami-Dade Transit saw a healthy bump in ridership in 2013, according to a new report from the American Public Transportation Agency (APTA)..

Last year, 110,926,500 trips were taken via Miami-Dade Transit (MDT). That's up from 108,432,700 in 2012, a 2.3 percent jump. That's more than double the total 1.1 percent seen across the nation.

No mode of transportation saw a larger increase in ridership than Metrorail. About 21,275,400 trips were taken through the heavy-rail transit system in 2013. That's up from 19,242,800 in 2012 -- a 10.56 percent change.

However, the bus still remains the most popular mode of public transit in Miami-Dade. The number of trips taken on Metrobus in 2013 was 78,273,800, up 0.04 percent from 2012's 78,241,400.

Metromover serviced 9,676,000 trips in 2013. That's a healthy 4.55 percent increase from 9,255,700 trips in 2012.

Special transportation services were also up 0.47 percent, but they make up only a nominal part of total ridership.

These totals do not include services not run by MDT, such as municipal trolly services.

Though these increases aren't mind-boggling, APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy says they're part of a larger change across the nation.

"There is a fundamental shift going on in the way we move about our communities. People in record numbers are demanding more public transit services, and communities are benefiting with strong economic growth," Melaniphy said in a statement.

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frankd4 topcommenter

..........................otherwise i suspect the ridership numbers are INFLATED because hobos, miscreants and vagrants, who qualify for and are given free or reduced fare passess to ride will get on and off and on again multiple times in a single day to go no where, and therefore should really NOT count as ridership

these riders are counted because i think the federal government subsidy to some extent calculates using either per capita or legs traveled as a basis for federal funding

BCT gets $55,ooo,ooo each year which is about one-third of it's operating / capital expenditures budget and vagrants and hobos and miscreants i see go round and round all day long on various routes

actually with the frequency of bus accidents at driver's neglegence or error very high, some enterprising ambulance-chasing attorneys give out bus passes and their business cards to these bus riding hobos, they call it hitting the hobo lottery, and statistically speaking on any given day someone will possibly get a payout, certainly an attorney gets fees paid, and what worse physical condition can the hobo get into ?

public transportation in SOUTH FLORIDA is as much of a national laughingstock as our political leadership and our ability to count votes or drive or not be the center of fraud and corruption and illegal activity, not to mention speak english

frankd4 topcommenter semed to me that when the price of a gallon of gas goes to $4 per gallon MOST commuters cannot afford to go to work

and if the "express lane" goes to $10 or more, one way, the day is a wash financially

i simply cannot understand WHY someone would commute BY CAR individually into MIAMI each and every work day - can't drivers see that insurance and depreciation and gas and maintenance EAT AWAY their earnings ?

oh that's right people don't HAVE insurance and simply ADD debt onto their next leased car by rolling forward the negative equity, car after car, lease agreement to lease agreement - so ALL THEY really pay is GAS and TOLLs

so i guess if you are in foreclosure and aren't paying your mortgage then you would have enough for GAS and TOLLs

but after MIAMIans doing this for about seven years now - what next ?


connect metro mover to the beach and make a line west and north along Biscayne blvd or existing lines and see 100% jump in use. more money in ppls pockets more they will spend.

Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

hopefully your security is better down there?

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Everything's done on purpose, since they profit on the side, from high insurance premiums (HIGHER THAN NYC!!)

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Miami's a driving city because public transportation sucks ass! The only thing politicians pick from bigger cities is, shit like variable tolls to create more revenue. People rely on their cars, because is not easy to be exposed to the elements if you don't live within Metrorail access.

Karolina Sucre
Karolina Sucre

i WISH Miami would take note from Chicago or NYC and get it together! I know Miami is a driving city, but when I move back home I know for a fact that Chicago's transit system is probably what I will miss the most.

Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor

The bus is only more popular because it covers many areas the Metrorail does not. If trains covered more of the county similar to systems like NYC, Chicago, or DC, I would predict the popularity of the train to be much higher.

Edward Munecas
Edward Munecas

They're ridership might be up but they still break down every day

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter



Of course there's an increase, they just opened the rail station at MIA... the story would've been if there was no increase, then the station would've been a waste of money. The bigger question is how do they have increased ridership, a rate increase last October, and they still can't run on schedule. A bus schedule to arrive depart at 5:27 pm did not show up because that specific bus broke down at 3:15pm. Over two hours and they could not find a replacement bus...

frankd4 topcommenter

........................PLUS the bus offers a more "personalized" connection to the trip where on can get of go to Macys or Publix come out and get back on a subsequent bus right there at street level

the combination,  Tri-Rail, metroRAIL and metroMOVER,  are NOT efficient modes of transportation since the main northern FEEDER, the Tri-Rail station,  is neither downtown (its too far WEST) or near the airport (it stops a few mile short of going directly into the airport)

security through certain areas is also an issue on tri-rail, metroMOVER and metroRAIL

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