Stephen Ross Releases Stadium Statement, Doesn't Address Tax Issues

Stephen Ross clearly wants to spin his decision to pay for renovations to Sun Life Stadium out of pocket as an act of something akin to charity. The Miami Dolphins owner has now issued his first public statement on the decision, and sidesteps the issue that the deal would see him skipping out on millions of dollars of property taxes a year.

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Here's Ross's statement in full:

"I have made clear I want the stadium modernized because it's right for our fans and it's right for Miami-Dade and South Florida. I have decided the best way to get this done is to pay for the project with private funds. All we ask in return is that we are treated the same as all franchises in the state of Florida. A world-class city needs a world-class stadium.

We haven't won a Super Bowl bid in Miami-Dade in far too long, and we know that with the stadium as an issue, we never will unless it is modernized. The Super Bowl Committee will have to decide if they want to compete for the next two Super Bowls so time is of the essence. It is time to move forward.

This privately funded project will create more than 4,000 local jobs. We can bring back the Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff Championship and world-class soccer matches -- and all the revenue those big events generate for the local community. I am going to make the commitment and provide the resources because Miami deserves the economic benefits of a modernized stadium.

But for me, this is about something more. I grew up here in Miami-Dade and have been part of this area for most of my life. I want to do this for the community that has done so much for me, and for this storied franchise that means so much to the people of South Florida. With this project, we can secure the future of the Dolphins in Miami-Dade for another 20 years. That is more important to me than anything else."

The only reference to the "catch" is the "all we ask in return is that we are treated the same as all franchises in the state of Florida," bit.

Unlike Marlins Park and American Airlines Arena, Sun Life Stadium is privately owned. He wants to hand over ownership to Miami-Dade County. However, that would mean that he'd no longer owe the stadium's $3.8 million-a-year property tax bill. Last year's bill included $1.3 million to the school system and around $1 million to the city of Miami Gardens. Sun Life is Miami Garden's single biggest taxpayer.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is said to be considering the deal as long as something can be worked out so that the budgets of the school system, library funds, and Miami Gardens don't take a hit.

And as nice as attracting Super Bowls is, local children's education and tax support for one the area's poorest cities is a bit more important.

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Robert DiGiorgio
Robert DiGiorgio

Miami gave a lot more than that to the Marlins and got a lot less in return. Its only fair


It's current VALUATION FOR TAXES is $160 Million.

Joe built in 1987 for $115 Million, then in 2007, Wayne put $250 Million in improvements!

Now wait a minute..  Shouldn't the TAX VALUATION be at LEAST $250 Million???

Sounds like the Dolphins have been getting a BIG BREAK ON TAXES for the last 7 YEARS!

Now he wants to put in $400 Million and DONATE it to the county.  But pay no taxes, and I assume no rent either!!!  And in 7 years ask the county to fix it up again!!!

The fact that the other teams dont pay property taxes is because they rent from the government.. Now the government should be passing through the property taxes as in ANY COMMERCIAL LEASE!!!  

I understand not paying taxes for GENERAL PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT use, but NOT private for profit use!!

Let HIM have it rent free (since he is donating it and taking a BIG tax writeoff) BUT MAKE HIM PAY THE PROPERTY TAXES DUE AT IT'S REAL VALUATION! (At least $400 Million)

Ron E. Chits
Ron E. Chits

And he gets tax breaks on his initial shell out

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Life is taxless. It's fantastic,

miami dolphins have not won a superbowl since in 1975

CONservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they've lost all incentive because we've given them too much money. these major corporations pay lobbyists more than what they pay in taxes? These corporations, these corporations that make billions of dollars pay more to lobbyists than what they pay in taxes. And maybe one of the reasons mitt has that problem is because, when did our ill-fortunes start?

Ron E. Chits
Ron E. Chits

Exactly. ..he's "paying out of pocket" in order to not pay property tax....he must think it's 1970 and Archie Bunker rules the airwaves

Mercy Suarez
Mercy Suarez

Act of charity...yeah, considering how many points the Dolphins gave away this year...that's charity enough...go away, billionaire team owner...and take Luria and Samson with you...

Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

act of charity, since when is giving 4 mil and getting back 4 mil an act of charity, this guy is a sleazeball

miamitrev2 topcommenter

We have been screwed twice so its "only fair" that we get screwed again?

Should we also bend over and take it from the MLS team since its "only fair"?

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