Stoli Billionaire Parks His $330 Million Yacht in Biscayne Bay

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There's a colossal Russian-owned boat parked in Biscayne Bay, but don't worry. It has nothing to do with the escalating national tension with Vladimir Putin.

The 436-foot yacht belongs to Yuri Scheffler, a man who himself is no friend of Putin's and who controls the Stolichnaya vodka brand.

The megayacht, known as the Serene, is one of the largest privately owned boats in the world. It showed up in Miami late last week and is docked near the American Airlines Arena in downtown.

The yacht, completed in 2011, boasts five levels and has enough room for 24 guests and 54 crew members. It also includes an indoor rock-climbing wall and underwater "viewing room." Altogether, the boat is worth at least $330 million.

Scheffler, who might or might not be aboard, left Russia in 2003 after Putin tried to nationalize the company that controls Stoli. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he hasn't been back since. Serene, meanwhile, pops up in ports across the world from time to time. According to Marine Traffic, it was last docked in New York, where it stayed for about two weeks.

Whether unintentional or not, the yacht seems to have arrived just in time for Ultra Music Festival. Let's hope Scheffler or whoever is on board is ready for nonstop beats for three days.

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frankd4 topcommenter must be a russian - NO DRUG KINGpin would own such a slow hog

frankd4 topcommenter

.........................F W I W at any one time there are about a DOZEN (12) of those size boats in ft liquordale at any time and one (the largest private ship in the world) at dry dock east of the airport

frankd4 topcommenter

......................well i hope he doesn't get a parking violations ticket

frankd4 topcommenter

..........................i guess it's true that hotels in MIAMI suck

Vanessa Hertz
Vanessa Hertz

I was wondering who's yacht that was. It looks awesome at night...

dantevida topcommenter

we should send in disguised US troops to invade it.


I can only imagine that 24 guests capacity is a misprint since that is not really a "yacht" but a mini cruise ship capable of housing no less than 200 folks at least by the looks of it


If you knew anything about yachts, you'd know that 24 guests assumes two people to a stateroom. Meaning 12 guest bedrooms. Yes, they could have 200 people come on for a party but there are not 100 bedrooms.

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