Miami Architect Sweetened Job Listing for Colorado Office with Promise of Legal Pot

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Max Strang is one of Miami's leading young architects. He's best known for his mid-century modern homes, and operates out of a Coconut Grove office. Though, his firm also keeps a satellite branch in a remote part of Telluride, Colorado. So last fall when he was looking to fill a position in that office he added an unusual benefit to the job listing: legalized marijuana.

No, he wasn't actually going to give the eventual job applicant some "welcome to the office" green, but the listing made clear he didn't care if you smoked on your own time.

"In the architecture business, I value creativity wherever it comes from," he told the Wall Street Journal.

Known for its mining industry and ski resorts, Telluride isn't particularly close to Denver, Boulder, or even Aspen for that matter. It's pretty remote. Knowing that the geography might scare off some potential applicants he decided to highlight the state's liberal marijuana laws. Here's a copy of the ad we found online:

Max Strang Architecture is seeking to fill an Intern/Junior Architect Position at our satellite office in Telluride, Colorado. Requirements include extraordinary architectural design, graphic and presentation skills. Strong academic and/or professional references required. Send resume/portfolio to [----]

Please note that Telluride, Colorado is a highly unique location. Applicants should be comfortable with a location that has unparalleled alpine scenery, amazing cultural festivals, unmatched snow skiing and abundant outdoor activities. Marijuana is legal.

He got about 300 applications for the position; some from as far away as New Zealand. Though he noted he didn't want employees coming into the office high, he didn't care what they did in their off time.

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Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez
Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez

Hahaa I remember when I was a draftsman for this engineer he would let me get high before work because he said I worked faster and more efficient stoned.

Denise De La Vega
Denise De La Vega

Instead of passing a drug test, you get to test the drugs for fun. Talk about fringe benefits!

Tony Prieto
Tony Prieto

I applied 6 times. I kept forgetting I had already sent my resume.

WhyNotNow topcommenter

As it should be. Stupid marijuana laws.

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