Chavez's Daughter Posts New Photos of Fidel Castro on Instagram

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Like a lot of young women, Maria Gabriela Chavez is obsessed with chronicling her life on Instagram. Unlike a lot of young women, she's the pampered daughter of one Latin American strongman and still buddy-buddy with another.

Yes, Hugo Chavez's youngest daughter visited uncle Fidel this week and posted new photos of the aging Cuban dictator on her Instagram.

According to reports, Gaby and her sister Rosa left Venezuela shortly after massive protests engulfed the country earlier this year. The two were believed to have taken refuge in Argentina. Though, judging from Gaby's Instagram account it doesn't seem to have had much of an effect on her life. She hasn't stopped posting pictures of her with her boyfriend, photos of her small dogs and several tributes to her deceased father.

As for Fidel, these are the first new photos we've seen of him since pics of him meeting with Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez emerged earlier this year. The Associated Press later concluded that those photos had been digitally altered to remove the site of a hearing aid from Castro's ear.

Noticeably, no hearing aid appears in these new photos.

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Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

I would marry her and we would rule her kingdom together with iron fists and swift punishment

Christy McFizziwig
Christy McFizziwig

Perhaps someday she will grow wiser and see the reality of the man she sits across from, as his own daughter did.

Susan Ortega
Susan Ortega

Someday justice will come, someday soon I hope, and we will recover democracy.


It's amazing how we accept everything so lightly, Chavez was a killer thug who deserved what he got. Fidel has killed so many people directly and indirectly. Kristina is another murderer.

We need to stop idealizing people who are just killers.

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