Downtown Biscayne to Become Grand Promenade With Fewer Lanes and Less Parking -- Someday

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The meat of downtown Miami is separated from the waterfront parks and attractions by an eight-lane highway complete with median surface parking. It works, but it's not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing setup. Well, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has finally picked a plan to redevelop a stretch of Biscayne Boulevard into a pretty and pedestrian-friendly "grand promenade."

However, the plan would likely reduce the overall amount of parking and number of traffic lanes.

According to Miami Today, the redevelopment would stretch from Biscayne Boulevard Way to NE Eighth Street, or roughly from the mouth of the Miami River to the American Airlines Arena. Basically, the highlighted portion:

via Google Maps
Sorry, Museum Park. No grand promenade for you!

The selected plan would call for the following features:

  • Reducing driving lanes from eight to four or six.
  • Decreasing overall parking spots from 388 to 187.
  • A dedicated bicycle lane.
  • Wider sidewalks.
  • Increased landscaping.
  • The possibility of adding kiosks to the medians now occupied by parking lots.
  • The possibility of reconfiguring existing intersections.

Despite the lane loss, a City of Miami parking study showed the impact on overall traffic in the area would be minimal.

The estimated grand total for all of this: $24 million.

And when will happen? Not anytime soon. The idea is part of the DDA's overall 2025 master plan. Several local and state agencies would also have to be involved and approve the plan, and money must be found to pay for it all.

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frankd4 topcommenter i should DRIVE my car to a place where there is NO PARKING just so i can walk a promenade that still is no where near the water ?

hasn't the DDA screwed up MIAMI enough already ?

seems to me a significant IMRPOVEMENT would be to abolish the DDA

Deejay Icue
Deejay Icue

Focus on otherthingS. Other parts of the city. Like wynwood or lemon city/upper eastside or the river.

Joe Perretta
Joe Perretta

beautiful, so this happens right after we revitalize the overtown 'historic village' three blocks behind this monstrosity?

Brad Knoefler
Brad Knoefler

You can't put makeup on a pig. Biscayne is an 8 lane freeway cutting through the heart of the City. It will never be a "Grande Promenade" let alone anything pleasant. If the DDA would actually spend $24 million developing Downtown…….parks, activities, closing off smaller streets, help bars and restaurants to open… just a pipe dream….


excellent, people shouldn't be using cars as the main form of transportation in that area anyway.   A legitimate train system is sorely needed to make the jump to a properly functioning city and downtown.   

It's a beautiful area and the less concrete, the better.   Hope this all goes right Miami!

Kurt Bodenschatz
Kurt Bodenschatz

It is tough to please everyone....I work in Miami everyday. Lately the last 3 years miami beach. I can see the logic in reducing vehicle traffic. I think the idea is that the wider the roadways the more cars will use them and continue to clog them up. We will never get ahead of that curve. But reduce the roadways then you force people to not drive there car into downtown. On the beach I walk or skateboard from condo to condo....I see in cocogrove at the private schools a huge line of cars to pick up the kids. One adult in one car in a row of over 50 cars? That to me is spoiled America.....the auto culture has to change

Andres Cofiño
Andres Cofiño

Lol, 24 million in today's prices. By 2025 it's 300 million and by year 2100 it's underwater.

Alejandro Cruz
Alejandro Cruz

they should instead take out the fountain and build a Ferris wheel and place a few kiosk all along the bay like from the intercontinental all the way through Bayside at bayfront park. A Ferris wheel to enjoy the beautiful view of downtown and the bay,kind of like the New Jersey boardwalk but in Miami. Miami New Times if you guys have connections in Miami lol work your magic..

Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez

Ehhh I say leave it the way it is and just build more stores and what not.. People still flock there like crazy

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter


More Traffic

Less business


frankd4 topcommenter

..................yeah that's the WHOLE point because in 2100 the city will have to spend billions on a sea wall to protect it

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