Miami Heat Steals Home-Court Advantage Back From the Pacers

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After last week's loss to the Pacers, most people assumed the race for the first seed was over. Many predicted it would be very likely the Heat would just turtle into some sort of pre-playoff cocoon, content with the second seed in the East. Last Wednesday's loss to the Pacers dropped the Heat to two games back in the loss column, with the tiebreaker in the Pacers' favor, making leapfrogging them with less than a dozen games improbable, if not damn near impossible.

It took five days for the improbssible to happen. LMFAOROTFL at all y'all doubters. Y'all musta forgotten, back-to-back champeens.

The combination of an Indiana Pacers 103-77 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, and a 93-83 Miami Heat win over the Toronto Raptors Monday means, finally, for the first time this season, the Miami Heat stands atop the NBA's Eastern Conference.

And now you're all in big, big trouble. Apparently, Zombieland taught the Indiana Pacers nothing. You always double-tap.

Though the first seed in the Eastern Conference isn't all that important to the Heat, it's superimportant to the Pacers. We know this because they have been talking about the top spot's importance all season. Now, for the first time all year, the Pacers' name sits below the Heat's in the conference standings, and the Pacers seem mad butt hurt about it.

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