Jeb Bush Will Decide on Presidential Run By the End of the Year

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Miami is looking ever more likely to be the gravitational center of the GOP battle for 2016's Presidential race. Locally grown Sen. Marco Rubio has already promised to make a call within the next year about whether to toss his hat into the wide-open Republican field and now the man that may well be the frontrunner if he joins the fray has made his own announcement.

Jeb Bush told an audience in Texas yesterday that he'll decide by the end of the year whether to run. He also gave broad hints about what kind of campaign he'd mount if he does, suggesting he's already put some serious thought into a White House run.

Jeb spoke Sunday at the George Bush Presidential Library in an event honoring the 25th anniversary of his dad's presidency. Though the event was closed to the public and press, Fox News was allowed to re-broadcast a few tidbits.

Those moments are enough to show that all the pressure Jeb's been getting lately to fill the power vacuum at the top of the GOP ticket might just be turning into an actual commitment to run.

Jeb told the audience he'd only consider mounting the race if he could focus on big issues rather than small-potatoes horse race problems like how to "win the Muscatine Pork Roast straw poll," the Washington Post reports, while also expressing concerns about dragging his family into another campaign battle.

But he also touched on many of the political ideas that have galvanized the center of the party around him, bemoaning the GOP's hardline immigration stance and calling for reforms to allow working immigrants to stay.

"Yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony," he said according to the Post. "It's an act of love. It's an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime that there should be a price paid, but it shouldn't rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families."

In the meantime, GOP financiers have been hard at work starting fundraising for Jeb, sparked by concerns that presumed frontrunner Chris Christie wrecked his chances with the scandal over a bridge closure in New Jersey and that other contenders -- Marco Rubio included -- haven't caught the public imagination enough to win back the White House.

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frankd4 topcommenter

..........................for every KOCK brother there is a BLOOMBERG

another way is MONEY interest also run corporations and foundations and estates and are non-profit contributors as well as consumers of goods and services - well - the IRS is pursuing about 4,500 of them with UBS swiss bank accounts, counterfeit ART and WINE and ANTIQUITIEs are rampant, legal fees are very high, you could have a daughter like PARIS or MYLIE as an heir, the CEO of your major investment may loot it blind, your neighbor could be the next MADOFF, your strech limo doesn't fit in any parking spots in east hampton, your foundations entire ART collection was found to be stolen by the nazis from the rich jews sent to auschwitz - and now you have $50,ooo,ooo riding against HILARY in 2016 !

imagine some YALIE HARVARD legacy educated hedge fund operator being asked by oH MARco ! the mindless ken doll from CUBAmerica MIAMI to cut a check for $20,ooo,ooo  so he can film a nationwide ad of himself drinking water ?

frankd4 topcommenter

...................MY second point is what can MONEY interest buy ? well they are still going to have to run a person an individual as a candidate - no ? this person is still going to have to run in an election - no ?

well if the last two presidential elections are any indication neither party really has a deep bench - an airhead as VP candidate in SARAH PALIN and worse but less public was JOHN EDWARDS whose $400 haircut wasn't explained until nine months later when the love-child was born - ROMNEY was rejected by McCain who though Palin was a btter choice than Romney (admit it guys who would YOU have picked to ride air-force one with) and PAUL RYAN didn't even carry his HOME state (Wisc)

if you think it's just about MONEY interest ask Sheldon Adleson's WIFE what her husband got for his $20,ooo,ooo on ROMNEY / RYAN in 2012

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

No More Games in Government," they've created a system based completely on bribery. Now, if we do bribery, it's hypocrisy. If we do bribery in the private sector, we go to jail.

Yet, their entire political system is based upon bribery. Who can bribe and give the most money to the politician and now, thanks to our illustrious Supreme Court that ruled that corporations have the same right as individuals and that money is free speech, well, we're now being inundated with so much money from the corporations buying the Democrats and Republicans, both sides, that -- look at this hypothetically, a foreign country could now control our elections, because all they would have to do is form a corporation, start pumping money into the super PACs.
make it an enforceable felony for any lobbyist to give assets in any form to a politician. That way, we speak with our tax dollars and we make sure that Congress represents US.

Plus there's no -- they don't have to say where the money comes from, which is criminal. Every candidate should have to state openly, open disclosure where they get every dollar. You're not getting that now. So the whole system is corrupted now.

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Yeah but Hillary is not a woman, she hit menopause and now she has turned into an angry at the world little man with no penix.

Dave Basora
Dave Basora

Jason Winburn, a business man or woman wouldn't fare any better

Jason Winburn
Jason Winburn

Clinton is just as scary. Can we not get a business man up there with some sense and experience?

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

The scariest part of the next election is that I don't see a single candidate in any party that could possibly clean up the crap of the last 16 years.....

Anthony Bonavia
Anthony Bonavia

no more politicians please... Support the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement

frankd4 topcommenter

.................the thing of it is MONEY has always corrupted our system

SLAVERY was based on the economics of needing cheap labor to pick commodities to sell to make a few plantation owners rich = period = and later again used to build our nation's railroads - poor and disenfranchised were used for their labors and therafter left for dead - all purely on economic issues

prohibition, the stock market, real estate development, major construction projects, concentration of equity capital was ALL dominated by MONEY interests and the laws and regulations simply went along with the program or were simply ignored - coal miners risk all manner of danger, oil drilling wildcaters suffered similar fates, the bought and paid for PINKERTONs reigned down with brute force on abused workers in steel mills - and today uber-wealth bankers loot treasuries without facing criminal charges or jail time - ALL OF THIS CONTROLLED BY MONEY interests

my point is these MONEY interests have been organizing and managing and controlling politics one way or the other since day one so nothing really changes except now it can be done above the table rather than under it

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