Meet the Original LeBron Hater, Who Hated LBJ Way Before It Was Cool

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The Heat is steamrolling its way past the Bobcats behind two dominant games from LeBron James. And Miami Heat fans know exactly what that means: The LBJ haters are already coming out of the woodwork. Just take a look at the comments on Riptide's post yesterday, which made the controversial argument that an opponent should be suspended for landing a flying tomahawk elbow to LeBron's throat.

But the truth is, all of those online LeBron bashers are way late to the party. A few elite fans were despising James long before it was the cool thing to do. Like this guy:

The video is actually the work of Matt Lieb -- a San Francisco-based "writer, comedian, and street musician/Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony cover band" -- and a host of collaborators.

Let this be a lesson, Heat fans: Next time you're tempted to start a flame war in the comments with a hater slamming LeBron as a dirty flopper choke artist, just picture the hater in his sad home surrounded by his hater fan art, yelling impotently at every LBJ jump shot. Then smile quietly to yourself and walk away from the computer.

LeBron gets back to game-winnin' this Saturday, when the Heat heads to Charlotte for a 7 p.m. game-three matchup.

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Art Kunhardt
Art Kunhardt

^^^^ he isn't leaving? aww man i will pay to see the look on your face when he does... money is the root of all evil...

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

LBJ isn't leaving, reality is Wade maybe the fan favorite, but LBJ was carrying the team when both Wade & Bosh had any excuse to sit the night. LBJ is the heir to the Wade legend. They all need each other, but the reality is that Wade can no longer carry the team to close to 60 wins, even in his prime.

Joe LaDuca
Joe LaDuca

Lebron is a fine young man. Period

Tomas Ayala
Tomas Ayala

Can't wait to see Miami's reaction when he leaves at some point in his career for another team. Fans will turn to haters in no time.

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