Miami Beach City Attorney Jose Smith Resigns to Take Job in North Miami Beach

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Continuing the parade of high-ranking Miami Beach officials who have left City Hall since November's incumbent-bouncing election, City Attorney Jose Smith announced to that he's resigning. He's leaving to take over the same job in North Miami Beach.

Smith has been on the job eight years, and previously has served eight years on the city commission. In other words he was one of the longest-serving veterans in city hall.

His departure isn't necessarily a surprise, though. When his contract was extended in 2013, he told commissioners that he planned to retire at the end of the extension. That contract would have run until next year.

Before he officially accepted the job, Mayor Michael Levine told the Miami Herald that he would prefer to appoint a new attorney once Smith retired or reached the end of his contract.

However, Levine isn't seeking a completely fresh start. He said he'd like to appoint Chief Deputy City Attorney Raul Aguila in Smith's place.

Smith, meanwhile, will accept a job offer from North Miami Beach. He had made about $324,000 a year in Miami Beach, but will make $188,000 annually in NMB.

Smith's departure continues a sea change in personal in Miami Beach. In addition to Levin and three new faces on the City Commission, Police Chief Raymond Martinez is set to retire. Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez is in his second month on the job. City Manager Jimmy Morales meanwhile has been on the job for less than a year.

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A very interesting sequence of events most likely influenced by the metaphysical world and laws of nature. Cause and effect in action with accountability. May Karma continue to protect those who seek the truth.


A very interesting sequence of events possibly connected to the metaphysical world and laws of nature.


Mr. Smith will see that North Miami Beach is a paradise and his talents will be greatly appreciated. Wishing you much success and good luck. Best Regards from David Weston


Jose Smith is an honorable man and an excellent attorney.  Congratulations on your appointment!


What is the real story?  What did he screw up to resign from this high paying job before his contract was up?  Any city that has to pay a lawyer that much money is running a bad enterprise, and is paying somebody a lot of money to cover up all the trash and civil suits against the city. 

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