Miami Hurricanes Got Really Excited Over New Uniforms

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Sometimes after going through a dark, dramatic period, nothing can do wonders like a brand-new wardrobe. Apparently, that was the Miami Hurricanes and Nike's thinking as they unveiled a new set of uniforms this weekend. Similar to other special-edition uniforms the team has worn in recent years, the full set is perhaps one of the biggest changes in the team's history.

If the players' reactions to the unveiling was any indication, they're a big hit.

Yeah, we'd say they went over well.

The uniforms come in four basic colors: white for home games, orange for road games, and special-edition green and "smoke" uniforms. Mixing and matching of the various colors will be possible.

The designs are somewhat reminiscent of the work Nike has done for the Oregon Ducks, except a bit more subtle. In fact, those Ducks uniforms are famous for the odd feather print featured on some versions. The Hurricanes' new uniforms also feature some avian-inspired elements, but they're far more subdued.


Yes, those are some superstylized and supersubtle ibises hidden on the shoulders, hips, and helmet.

The team even got new helmet options. There's an orange version as well, though the team's classic "U" logo on an all-white background will remain in rotation.


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why is everyone hating? they went 9-4 last season and regularly have many of the best recruiting classes.

demoroman88 topcommenter

well, that wasn't staged 

Bruce Bradshaw
Bruce Bradshaw

They shouldn't get new uniforms until they get more wins

James Kelley
James Kelley

Not crazy about them was wishing for the 80's look. On the other hand they could be wearing bunny pajamas and I would still love this team no matter what. jk

miamitrev2 topcommenter

The youtube video couldnt have been more fake/staged.    

The uniforms look just as shitty as the defense plays,

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