Miami Officially in Running to Host 2016 Democratic National Convention

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Miami may be the site of the first part of Hillary Clinton's coronation ...or as it's officially known, the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

After local leaders officially let the DNC know that they would be interested in hosting the shindig, the DNC selected Miami as one of 15 cities that it sent a "request for proposal" late yesterday.

According to CNN, other cities in the running include Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City.

Back in March, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, Miami Mayor Tomás P. Regalado, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and tourism bureau head William D. Talbert II all banded together to send DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (whose Broward-based district dips into some northern parts of the county) a letter signaling their interest.

Wasserman Schultz told CNN that in addition to logistical concerns, the committee would also take into account a city's relationship with organized labor and key constituencies.

"While many of the requirements are specific to the various logistical and administrative goals of putting on the Democratic National Convention, we do seek a city that shares our values of equality, inclusion, diversity, respect and dignity," said Wasserman Schultz, who also serves as a congresswoman from Florida. "And because of the significant security and construction related issues that we will face, we also look for a city with strong relationships with organized labor and those they represent. Our priority is to work with a community that will partner with us as we plan this historic event."

Local leaders have indicated that their plan would call to host the convention at the American Airlines Arena.

Miami had also been officially solicited by the Republican National Committee to submit a proposal to host their 2016 convention, but city leaders decided to forgo the opportunity because the GOP's last convention was held in Tampa. The RNC has since narrowed their list down to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.

By the way, hosting that convention cost Tampa about $50 million. Miami could face a similar bill if it is selected.

The Miami area has not hosted a national convention since 1972 when the Miami Beach Convention Center hosted both the Republicans and Democrats.

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HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

No poll or numbers to analyze?  I'm disappointed.


And queue the Cuban right wing ass sniffers...

Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

I think you need to relax a little Stefano. The electoral college thankfully limits the power of money in politics. Most elections are decided by 5 or 6 states. There is a point when the influence of money has diminishing returns. Now State politics, after all, we are a republic, are totally screwed. Wouldnt surprise me to see Rick Scott get reelected.

Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez

Christopher, I already knew! Hahaha I'm ahead of the game ;D

Stefano Antonio Toscano
Stefano Antonio Toscano

Fernando.... and what about the Supreme Court??? Shouldn't I worry about them as well??? They did decide in favor of Citizens United and McCutcheon??? Without the illusion of a democracy the monarch could just say "Off with their heads" without trying to hide behind the three tiers of "democracy". :)

Manuel Moreno
Manuel Moreno

Doesn't surprise me. Miami's politicians (both repubs and dems) are cheap whores.

Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

^You should be worried more about the legislators and not the President. The President is useless without congress. And congress is bought up by the corporations thanks to Citizens United. We can appoint Christ himself president of the US and without a congress that is willing to cooperate, nothing will ever get done.

Stefano Antonio Toscano
Stefano Antonio Toscano

Why don't we dispense with the charade and just appoint a King or Queen already???? Are the Bushites or Clintonites the best this country can come up with??? End the farce, declare someone Monarch an end the joke called democracy.

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