Miami To Ban Ugly Metal Security Shutters and Screens in Downtown

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Anyone walking in downtown after business hours is greeted with the unwelcoming sight of several storefronts closed off with shutters or metal-barred screens. It's not perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing sight. Well, a new ordinance would ban such screens in an attempt to make downtown more visually pleasing and welcoming.

Such rules are already in place in Coconut Grove, and unsurprisingly it was Grove resident and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff who brought the ordinance before the council.

The ordinance would ban most types of opaque security screens and shutters. Businesses would have two years to come into compliance, and the city will help with the cost in some cases through the Downtown Development Agency. Any building that seeks a permit to replace windows or remodel their exterior will have to comply immediately.

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Business could instead install transparent security shutters on the inside or high-impact glass.

Once the buildings remove the shutters any highly reflective surfaces must be removed from the ground floor of the building. Buildings that have transparent security screens and shutter installed on the outside would be grandfathered in, but such screens would not be an option for new construction.

The amendment passed on its first reading unanimously, and a successful final vote is expected later.

"Our downtown should be like downtown Paris, or Rome," Commissioner Francis Suarez told Miami Today who also added that most business owners are on board as long as they receive some financial assistance.

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Kenn Mathews
Kenn Mathews

^spoken like somemone who lives in Coral Springs.

Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Downtown, is less than 5 years away from becoming an extension of Brickell. I've said for years, the first thing that needs to happen is architectural REDESIGN, the second thing is get rid of 90% of all existing businesses there, at their best? they are little better than flea market stalls. The third thing is lighting , landscaping and after hours security. Once all of this is accomplished, you'll have a world class downtown. For PROOF? I offer Brickell, which is less than 1000 yards away. Where would YOU rather go? LOL


The cost to replace acid etched laminated glass will run $1000 per panel of large glass.  If you want to tint the glass with an exterior sacrificial coating it will still cost the owner additional time and money.  Owners are going to face costly fines if they don't fix damaged glass. 


"Our downtown should be like downtown Paris, or Rome."   If that's true, then metal security shutters should be the least of their worries.

Kenn Mathews
Kenn Mathews

Those are the only things that kept the homeless from sleeping in every single nook and cranny around the blocks of Dowtown.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Anybody who voted for Sarnoff should hang their heads in shame and publicly ask for forgiveness.

Danny Cespedes
Danny Cespedes

Stupid. Why is our council telling businesses that they can't secure their stores the way they want?

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